Ordos Travel Tips

To have a better travel experience in Ordos, here we list some useful numbers for you to have a comfortable Ordos tour.

Useful Numbers

  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance: 120
  • Area Code: 0477
  • Zip Code: 017000
  • Weather Forecast: 12121
  • Check Telephone Number: 114
  • Tourist Complaint: 0477-8345413
  • Tourist Inquiry: 12301
  • Expressway Emergency Rescue: 12122
  • Consumer Complaints Hotline: 12315
  • Traffic Accidents: 122
  • Railway Station Information Inquiry: 0477-95105105
  • Civil Aviation Consulting Telephone:  96777

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Ordos is from May to October, in which period tourists can either avoids dust storms raging across the Ordos or appreciating gulls fly from north to the Bojiang Lake. In addition, August is the time for Nadam Festival to be held on the Ordos Prairie. The different activities held to worship the great Mongolian hero, Genghis Khan, on March 21st, May 15th, August 12th, and October 3rd in front of the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, are traditional Mongolian folk culture activities, which should not be missed by tourists. It is the best opportunity for visitors to learn about the unique sacrificial culture, singing culture, dancing culture, and costume culture of the descendants of Genghis Khan. The festival presents the strong ethnic customs of locals, in order not to miss it, tourists should plan for the trip in advance according to the festival time schedule for convenience. 

Packing Tips

Weather Tips and Dressing Tips

1.The temperature difference between day and night in Ordos varies greatly, so you should prepare long-sleeved clothes for appropriate use and prepare raincoat for the changeable weather.
2. Inner Mongolia is located in the plateau, with long sunny days and strong ultraviolet, so you should prepare the sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
3. After July, there will be more mosquitos on prairie, you should prepare long pants and long-sleeved clothes, bring some mosquito repellent, besides, you had better wear traveling shoes instead of sandals to avoid mosquito bites.

Other Tips

1. Tourists are suggested to follow a guide and move around within appointed areas at the vast grassland. It is better to bring a flashlight at night. In ethnic or religious areas, there are many customs and taboos, please follow the guide’s direction to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

2. It is difficult to tell the direction at night when staying on the grassland. It is necessary to bring an electric torch. Prairie area is very large, go out together with your friends, don’t get lost. 

3. When participating in grassland activities, special attention should be paid to your safety, especially for horse riding.

4.In order to prevent acclimatization, it is recommended to prepare a small medicine cabinet: medicine for motion sickness, antibiotics, gastrointestinal anti-inflammatory tablets, etc.

5.Prepare some cash with you in case the online payment is not available.

Local Specialties and Souvenirs

Ordos specialties are mainly Mongolian product such as dairy food, cheese, dried beef and A’erbasi goat meat, handmade horse milk tea and the cyprinus carpio are the specialties that travelers should never miss. Cashmere products are the best souvenirs for the tourists to take back home. Cashmere is known as "soft gold" in Ordos and various kinds of products, such as scarves, sweaters and gloves, are provided in the city's many stores. The Mongol knives, carpets and jewelry are also good souvenirs for friends.


Branch offices and ATM machines of the four major banks of China are available in Ordos, providing tourists with monetary convenience.

  • Bank of China(Ordos East Street Sub-Branch) 中国银行鄂尔多斯市东街支行
    Address: No.25-13, East Street, Dongsheng District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市东胜区鄂尔多斯东街25号附13号
    Tel: (0477)8327502
  • Bank of China(Ordos City Branch) 中国银行鄂尔多斯市分行
    Address: No.29, Yijinhuoluo West Street, Dongsheng District, Ordos City 鄂尔多斯市东胜区伊金霍洛西街29号
    Tel: (0477)8369680
  • Bank of China(Ordos Kangbashen District Sub-Branch) 中国银行鄂尔多斯市康巴什支行
    Address: Jinchen International Shopping Mall, Kangbashen District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市康巴什新区金宸国际购物中心
    Tel: (0477)8589661
  • Bank of China(Ordos City Daqiaolu Sub-Branch) 中国银行鄂尔多斯市大桥路支行
    Address: No.17-3, Wushen West Street, Dongsheng District, Ordos City 鄂尔多斯市东胜区乌审西街17号附3号
    Tel: (0477)8163707
  • Industrial and Commercial  Bank of China 中国工商银行
    Address: 150 meters north of Ordos Street, Ordos  City  鄂尔多斯市鄂尔多斯大街北150米
  • Industrial and Commercial  Bank of China (Mengge Sub-Branch) 中国工商银行鄂尔多斯市猛格支行
    Address: No. 19-2, Yijinhuoluo East Street, Dongsheng District, Ordos City   鄂尔多斯市东胜区伊金霍洛东街19号附2号
  • Industrial and Commercial  Bank of China 中国工商银行鄂尔多斯市金珠支行
    Address: No. 4 Building, No. 16, Jilaoqing North Road, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市吉劳庆北路16号街坊4号楼
  • Agriculture Bank of China(Tianfu Sub-Branch)  中国农业银行鄂尔多斯市天赋支行
    Address: No.13, Otog West Street, Dongsheng District, Ordos City 鄂尔多斯市东胜区鄂托克西街13号
  • Agriculture Bank of China(Zhengyang Street Sub-Branchin Kangbashen New District)  中国农业银行鄂尔多斯市康巴什新区正阳街支行
    Address: Taihua Jinjiang International Hotel, Wenhua West Street, Kangbashen New District, Ordos City 鄂尔多斯市康巴什新区文化西路泰华锦江国际大酒店
  • Agriculture Bank of China(Minsheng Sub-Branch in Dongsheng District)  中国农业银行鄂尔多斯市东胜民生广场支行
    Address: No.23, C Block, Minsheng Square, Dalate North Road, Dongsheng District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市东胜区达拉特北路民生广场C区23号
  • Construction  Bank of China (Tianjiao Road Sub- Branch)中国建设银行天骄路支行
    Address: Block A, Venture Building, West Side of Tianjiao Road, Dongsheng District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市东胜区天骄路西侧创业大厦A座
  • Construction  Bank of China (Chengbei Office of Kangbashen New District)中国建设银行康巴什新区城北分理处
    Address: No. 7-10, Xiweiqi Lu, Kangbashen New District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市西纬七路7号楼10号
  • Construction  Bank of China (Ordos East Street Sub- Branch)中国建设银行鄂尔多斯东街支行
    Address: No. 5, North of Edong Street,, Dongsheng District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市东胜区鄂东街北5号

Expresses and Post Offices

The postcode of Ordos is  017000, and there are some postal offices in the city proper which are mainly concentrated in Dongsheng District and Kangbashen District.  You can choose any postal office in Ordos for postcard delivery at a general rate of 0.8 yuan per sheet, and also you can turn to other express companies for delivering your parcels.

  • China Post office中国邮局
    Address: Zhengyang Street, Kangbashen New District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市康巴什新区正阳街
    Tel: (0477)8593255
  • China Post office中国邮局
    Address: No. 19-3, Sahriwusu Road, Dongsheng  District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市东胜区沙日乌素路19号附3号
    Tel: (0477)8188515
  • China Post office中国邮局
    Address: No. 102, Dalate South Road, Dongsheng  District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市东胜区达拉特南路102号
    Tel: (0477)8527492
  • SF Express顺丰速运
    Address: No. 8-2 Outlet, No. 2 Street Block, Tuanjie Road, Dongsheng  District, Ordos City 鄂尔多斯市东胜区团结路2号街坊8号楼2号
    Tel: (0477)2280380, 95338,
  • SF Express顺丰速运
    Address: Back of the Xinyue Hotel, Dalu New District, Ordos City 鄂尔多斯市大路新区欣悦酒店后面
    Tel: 95338,
  • YTO Express圆通快递
    Address: No. 81-36, Minzu East Street, Dongsheng  District, Ordos City   鄂尔多斯市东胜区民族东街81号附36号
    Tel: 95554
  • ZTO Express中通快递
    Address: No.12, Wushen East Street,  Dongsheng  District, Ordos City 鄂尔多斯市东胜区乌审东街12号
    Tel: 95311
  • Yunda Express韵达快递
    Address: North Street of Municipal Goverment, Kangbashen District, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市康巴什区市府北街
    Tel: 18047971895


Ordos city is equipped with sound health insurance and social security system and the main hospitals are concentrated in the urban area. It is convenient for tourists to seek medical treatment during the travel.

  • Ordos Center Hospital  鄂尔多斯中心医院
    Address: No.23, Yijinhuoluo West Street, Dongsheng  District, Ordos City   鄂尔多斯市东胜区伊金霍洛西街23号
    Tel: (0477)8363158
  • Ejin Horo People's Hospital  鄂尔多斯伊金霍洛旗人民医院
    Address: No.23, Yijinhuoluo West Street, Dongsheng  District, Ordos City   鄂尔多斯市伊金霍洛旗富源街
    Tel: (0477)2253678
  • Zhunge'er Traditional Chinese and Mongolian Medicine Hospital   准格尔旗中蒙医医院
    Address: Jungar West Rd, Jungar Banner, Ordos City   鄂尔多斯市准格尔旗准格尔西路
  • Ordos Guangxia Hospital   鄂尔多斯市广厦医院
    Address: No. 11, Yihua South Rd, Dongsheng  District, Ordos City   鄂尔多斯市东胜区伊化南路11号

Tourism Information

Tourists can also turn to the local tourism office for help if you have any troubles in traveling in Ordos or for information wanted about local conditions and tour in Ordos.

  • The  Tourism Bureau of Ordos City 鄂尔多斯市旅游局
    Address: Room 1017, C Block, Government Building, Kangbashen District  康巴什新区政府大楼c座1017
    Tel: (0477)8588537
  • The  Tourism Department of Dongsheng District,  Ordos City 鄂尔多斯市东胜区旅游局
    Address: Room 802, 8th Floor, Lianbang Building    联邦大厦8楼802
    Tel: (0477)8575921
  • The  Tourism Bureau of Otog Banner  鄂托克旗旅游局
    Address: Buridu Road  布日都路
    Tel: (0477)6219969
  • The  Tourism Bureau of Dalad Banner   达拉特旗旅游局
    Address: 5 th Floor, Culture and Technology Building, Dalad Banner, Ordos City  鄂尔多斯市达拉特旗文化科技大楼5楼
    Tel: (0477) 528 8279