Ordos Administrative Divisions

Up to 2018, Ordos has jurisdiction over 2 municipal districts, 7 banners, the goverment seat located in Kangbashi District.

2 Municipal Districts:  Dongsheng Distrcit(东胜区), Kangbashi District(康巴什区)

7 BannersDalad Banner(达拉特旗), Jungar Banner(准格尔旗), Otog Front Banner(鄂托克前旗), Otog Banner (鄂托克旗), Hanggin Banner(杭锦旗), Uxin Banner (乌审旗), Ejin Horo Banner (伊金霍洛旗)


More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Area(Sq.km) Population Seat of Government Areas under the Jurisdiction
 Dongsheng Distrcit(东胜区)  2,146  582,544  Tianjiao Subdistrict          天骄街道  Bo'erjianghaizi Town (泊尔江海子镇), Hantai Town (罕台镇), Tongchuan Town (铜川镇), Jiaotong Subdistrict (交通街街道), Gongyuan Road Subdistrict (公园路街道), Linyin Road Subdistrict (林荫路街道), Jianshe Street Subdistrict (建设街街道), Fuxing Road Subdistrict (富兴路街道), Tianjiao Subdistrict (天骄街道), Bayinmenke Subdistrict (巴音门克街道), Ke'erlun Subdistrict (诃额伦街道)
Kangbashi District(康巴什区)  372.55  153,000  Binhe Subdistrict  滨河街道  Habagexi Subdistrict (哈巴格希街道), Qingchunshan Subdistrict (青春山街道), Binhe Subdistrict (滨河街道), Kangxin Subdistrict (康新街道)
 Dalad Banner(达拉特旗)  8,192  322,101 Shulinzhao Town树林召镇   Gongye Subdistrict (工业街道), Zhaojun Subdistrict (昭君街道, Xini Subdistrict (锡尼街道), Baita Subdistrict (白塔街道), Xiyuan Subdistrict (西园街道), Pingyuan Subdistrict (平原街道), Shulinzhao Subdistrict (树林召镇), Bainijing Town (白泥井镇), Zhonghexi Town (中和西镇), Jigesitai Town (吉格斯太镇), Wangaizhao Town (王爱召镇), Zhaojun Town (昭君镇), Engebei Town (恩格贝镇), Zhandanzhao Sumu (展旦召苏木)
Jungar Banner(准格尔旗)  7,535  356,501 Xuejiawan Town薛家湾镇  Shagedu Town (沙圪堵镇), Xuejiawan Town (薛家湾镇), Dalu Town (大路镇), Longkou Town (龙口镇), Narisong Town (纳日松镇), Zhunge'erzhao Town (准格尔召镇), Shierliancheng Township (十二连城乡), Nuanshui Township (暖水乡), Bu'ertaohai Sumu (布尔陶亥苏木), Youyi Subdistrict (友谊街道), Lantian Subdistrict (蓝天街道), Yingze Subdistrict (迎泽街道), Xinglong Subdistrict (兴隆街道)
Otog Front Banner(鄂托克前旗)  68,282  12,318  Aolezhaoqi Town敖勒召其镇   Aolezhaoqi Town (敖勒召其镇), Shanghaimiao Town (上海庙镇), Angsu Town (昂素镇), Chengchuan Town (城川镇)
Otog Banner (鄂托克旗)  20,064  148,844 Wulan Town       乌兰镇                   Wulan Town (乌兰镇), Qipanjing Town (棋盘井镇), Mengxi Town (蒙西镇), Mukainao'er Town (木凯淖尔镇), Sumitu Sumu (苏米图苏木), A'erbasi Sumu (阿尔巴斯苏木)
Hanggin Banner(杭锦旗)  18,903  111,102  Xini Town          锡尼镇  Xini Town (锡尼镇), Balagong Town (巴拉贡镇), Huhemudu Town (呼和木独镇), Jirigalangtu Town (吉日嘎朗图镇), Duguitala Town (独贵塔拉镇), Yihewusu Sumu (伊和乌素苏木), Taran Gaole Administration Committee (塔然高勒管委会)
Uxin Banner (乌审旗)  11,645  124,527  Galutu Town      嘎鲁图镇  Galutu Town (嘎鲁图镇), Wudinghe Town (无定河镇), Wushenzhao Town (乌审召镇), Tuke Town (图克镇), Wulantaolegai Town (乌兰陶勒盖镇), Sulide Sumu (苏力德苏木)
Ejin Horo Banner (伊金霍洛旗)  5,958  226,752  Altan Xire Town阿勒腾席热镇  Altan Xire Town (阿勒腾席热镇), Wulanmulun Town (乌兰木伦镇), Ejin Horo (伊金霍洛镇), Shezhasake Town (设札萨克镇), Nalintaohai Town (纳林陶亥镇), Hongqinghe Town (红庆河镇), Subu'erga Town (苏布尔嘎镇)


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