Xiangshawan Desert in Dalate Qi County, Ordos

Xiangshawan Desert

Xiangshawan Desert is located at the easternmost end of Kubuqi Desert. Kubuqi is Mongolian. Its Chinese meaning is bow string. The desert is north-south, with a total area of 16100 square kilometers and more than 800 kilometers. Xiangsha, in Mongolian, means the sand dune with Lama.

Where is Xiangshawan Desert?

Xiangsha Bay, also known as Yinken Xiangsha, is located in Dalate County, Ordos, 50km south of Baotou city.

Why is Xiangshawan Desert So Special?

Xiangshawan in Inner Mongolia is famous for “the sand here can sing”. It is the largest desert tourism and leisure resort in China. When there is no rain and the sand is dry, tourists climb the ladder or take the cable car to the top of the sand dune of Yinken. When they slide down from the sand slope, the sand will make a loud sound, like a passionate symphony.

Main Attractions of Xiangshawan Desert

The tourist area is divided into Fusha Island, Yuesha Island, xiansha Island, yijiansha Resort and Liansha island resort. Each area has complete resort, restaurant, entertainment and other facilities. You can also see performances such as walking steel wire, motorcycles, swimming, volleyball and other sports. It’s a rare experience to take a desert surfer, a sightseeing train or a camel to travel in the desert.

How to Get to Xiangshawan Desert?

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Independent Travel


Take the long-distance bus to Dongsheng in Baotou, Ordos, Hohhot and other places, and you can get to Xiangshawan directly.

If you take a taxi to Xiangshawan in Dalate Banner, Ordos City, the cost is about 50 yuan.

Self Driving 

After 290 meters from downtown to the first highway toll station, go straight to G65 national highway and drive 31.3 kilometers along G65 national highway, then turn right and drive 2 kilometers to Xiangshawan scenic area.

Useful Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit

May to October.


The annual “China Erdos Xiangshawan Tourism Festival” is held in September every year. It holds various cultural activities and events such as “desert culture clothing competition and clothing exhibition”, “Mongolian national clothing charm show”, “desert photography competition and photography exhibition” and large-scale theme party arranged for tourists.

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