How to Plan Sichuan Bird-Watching Tour

Sichuan is located in the west of China with a variaty of natural landscape. It is home to many nature reserves including Giant Panda Sanctuary, Siguniang National Park, Yading Reserve, Zoige Reserve, Ya’an Reserve, etc. The drastic change of altitude between Sichuan Basin and Tibetan Plateau provides the best habitats for wild animals including birds. The bottom of the basin is at meer 400m while the top of the mountains are over 6000m. Relatively low lantitude provides a distinguish four seasons in most part of Sichuan Province. We have kush and wet summer while warm and dry winter in Sichuan. All conditions come together, making it a good place for birds. Here included are the usual birding places information as well as popular birding trips in Sichuan.

Chengdu Bird-Watching Tour – 1 Day
Price: upon inquiry

Destinations Visited: Chengdu

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of this Tour
This is a one-day bird-watching tour in Chengdu. Sichuan is the bordering area of different climate zones in China. It has relatively warm winter where you see migrate birds in cold seasons. According to the latest record, Chengdu has total 516 species of birds in 80 families in 21 orders. It has taken up around 35% of total recorded bird species in China. West of Sichuan has one of the biggest elevation differences that is home to different kind of birds.

Sichuan Bird-watching Tours
We also have below the most popular bird-watching trip plans including Longcanggou, Wawu Mountain, Balangshan, Zoige, Songpan and Hailuogou. Please send your inquiry.

Balangshan and Mt. Wawu 7 Days Bird Tour
Day01 Chengdu arrival and set out for Balang, arrive Wolong
Day02 Balangshan Bird-watch
Day03 Balangshan Bird-watch
Day04 Balangshan in the morning and then drive to Mt. Wawu in the afternoon
Day05 Mt. Wawu Bird-watch
Day06 Mt. Wawu Bird-watch
Day07 Mt. Wawu in the morning and drive back to Chengdu and send to airport
Northern Sichuan Bird Tour: Songpan and Zoige – 8 Days
Day01 Chengdu arrival and drive to Mengtun
Day02 Mengtun Bird-watch
Day03 Mengtun and drive to Songpan
Day04 Songpan Bird-watch
Day05 Songpan and drive to Zoige
Day06 Zoige Flower Lake
Day07 Zoige Forest and drive back to Songpan
Day08 Songpan drive back to Chengdu and send to airport
Mt.Wawu and Hailuogou Bird Tour – 6 Days
Day01 Chengdu arrival and drive to Mt. Wawu
Day02 Mt. Wawu Bird-watch
Day03 Mt. Wawu Bird-watch
Day04 Mt. Wawu drive to Luding, bird-watch by Erlangshan, then drive to Hailuogou
Day05 Hailuogou bird-watch
Day06 Drive back to Chengdu and send to airport
Bird-Watching Travel Guide
Up until 2022 there are recorded 757 spieces of birds in Sichuan. It is half of the number of spieces found in China. Sichuan is located by the upper part of Yangtze River, a major super-size natural protection place in China. There are total 46 sites of “Important Bird Area” in Sichuan Provice alone including Sershul, Zoige, Jiuzhaigou, Emei, Balangshan, Erlangshan, Mengbishan, Wawushan, Muli, etc. Awareness of bird protection has been rising through years.