Sichuan Festivals and Events

Besides statutory public holidays, there are many kinds of interesting and fascinating folk festivals in Sichuan, such as Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival, Zigong Lantern Festival, the Torch Festival, etc.

  • Chengdu Flower Festival

    Chengdu Flower Festival in January of each year starts with the Tang and Song Dynasties and has a history of over one thousand years, which is held in Qingyang Temple outside Chengdu's west gate. At that time, the state-owned and collective flowerbeds near the Chengdu and the majority of flower-growers will carry their valuable flowers, home-planted potted plants and potted landscape to Qingyang Temple, scaffolding stalls for sale.

  • Xinjin Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Race is one of the traditional customs of our people in southern China. Nanhe, in Chengdu Xinjin County for its superior geographical conditions, makes the dragon boat event prosperous. Besides Dragon Boat race and other traditional programs, Dragon Boat Festival also has dragon boat show and night cruise.

  • Tianpeng Peony Fair

    Pengzhou City, formerly known as Tian Peng, located in the northern part of Chengdu city, is the Peony flower cultivation base of Sichuan. Historically, it has been together with Luoyang in Henan, Caozhou in Shandong, Haoxian in Anhui known as the four peony production base in China. In Peony period, besides the exhibition of peony flowers and visiting Dan Jingshan, there are also local cultural and recreational activities and souvenir exhibitions.

  • Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival

    Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival before every spring ploughing is regarded as a sacred festival by local residents. Historically, a grand ceremony of draining water was held around the Qingming Festival every year to congratulate beforehand agricultural harvest. By then, local officials personally presided over the launching ceremony, and local people spontaneously organized to worship Li Bing and his son in Erwang Temple, also known as the Qingming Fair. There are also fascinating folk song and dance performances.

  • Longquan Peach Blossom Festival

    Each February in Lunar Calender, peach blossoms in Longquan Mountain, and pear flowers at the foot of the mountain paved the earth as snow. Tourists spend tea and enjoy the scenery in the flower farmer's house, enjoy the delicious home-style meals in rural areas, eat real green food and have some fun.

  • Zigong Lantern Festival

    Zigong Lantern Festival is one of the largest folk cultural activities in China, which attracts people from China and around the world every year. The Festival provides the attendees an opportunity to embark on an enchanting trail and discover a dazzling array of beautifully crafted, giant colourful lanterns inspired by nature and wildlife.

  • Liangshan Torch Festival

    Liangshan Torch Festival is one of the top ten folk festivals in China and one of the first non-material cultural heritages in China. Thousands of locals and tourists gathered in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province to celebrate the grand Torch Festival, also known as the Carnival of the Orient, on Monday. The festival is an important and long-standing traditional festival of the Yi people, which is celebrated on the 24th or 25th of the sixth month in the Yi Calendar.

  • Litang Horse Racing Festival

    On August 1 every year, Litang county holds the largest and most ceremonious race meeting in Kangba to celebrate the harvest. Known as hometown of horse racing, Litang horse racing has a long history, along with its percussion, numerous events, exciting scenes and colorful cultural activities, which attracts the tourists at home and abroad every year.