Sichuan Education

Sichuan education is overall good. By the end of 2017, there was 5,730 primary schools in Sichuan with 5,555,000 students; 3,716 junior middle schools with 2.618,000 students; 768 regular high schools, with 1,390,000 students; 128 special education schools with 15,000 students (including special education classes); 508 secondary vocational schools (including technical schools), with 942,000 students; 4,147 vocational and technical training institutions, with 2,118,000 registered vocational and technical training trainees; 36 graduate training units and 13 adult higher education. There was 119 ordinary universities.

Colleges and Universities

 City Colleges and Universities
 Chengdu(成都市) Sichuan University(四川大学), University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(电子科技大学), Southwest Jiaotong University(西南交通大学), Southwestern University of Finance and Economics(西南财经大学), Sichuan Agricultural University(四川农业大学), Southwest Minzu University(西南民族大学), Chengdu University of Technology(成都理工大学), Southwest Petroleum University(西南石油大学), Chengdu University of TCM(成都中医药大学), Chengdu University of Information Technology(成都信息工程大学), Chengdu Sport University(成都体育学院), Sichuan Normal University(四川师范大学), Xihua University(西华大学), Chengdu University(成都大学), Sichuan Conservatory of Music(四川音乐学院)
 Mianyang(绵阳市) Southwest University of Science and Technology(西南科技大学), Mianyang Normal University(绵阳师范学院), Sichuan University of Culture and Art(四川文化艺术学院), Tianfu College of SWUFE(西南财经大学天府学院), City College, Southwest University of Science and Technology(西南科技大学城市学院), Mianyang College of Civil Aviation Flight University of China(中国民航飞行学院绵阳分院)
 Zigong(自贡市) Sichuan University of Science & Engineering(四川轻化工大学)
 Panzhihua(攀枝花) Panzhihua University(攀枝花学院)
 Luzhou(泸州市) Southwest Medical University(西南医科大学), Sichuan Police College(四川警察学院)
 Deyang(德阳市) Civil Aviation Flight University of China(中国民航飞行学院), Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology(四川工业科技学院)
 Neijiang(内江市) Neijiang Normal University(内江师范学院)
 Leshan(乐山市) Leshan Normal University(乐山师范学院), The Engineering&Technical College of Chengdu University of Technology(成都理工大学工程技术学院), Southwest Jiaotong University-E'mei Campus(西南交通大学峨眉校区)
 Yibin(宜宾市) Yibin University(宜宾学院)
 Nanchong(南充市) China West Normal University(西华师范大学), North Sichuan Medical College(川北医学院), Southwest Petroleum University-Nancong Campus(西南石油大学南充校区)
 Dazhou(达州市) Sichuan University of Arts and Science(四川文理学院)
 Ya'an(雅安市) Sichuan Agricultural University(四川农业大学)
 Aba(阿坝州) Aba Teachers University(阿坝师范学院)
 Garze(甘孜州) Sichuan University For Nationalities(四川民族学院)
 Liangshan(凉山州) Xichang University(西昌学院)
 Meishan(眉山市) Sichuan University Jinjiang College(四川大学锦江学院), Meishan Campus of Sichuan Technology and Business University(四川工商学院眉山校区)