Sichuan Shopping

Sichuan has plenty to offer visitors who want to bring back souvenirs to their family and friends. Sichuanese tea, for example, is quite famous in China and can be bought in small tea shops scattered through the province; other traditional Chinese gifts such as brocade are also among the favorites with tourists, as well as bamboo crafts, spicy snacks and anything related to the national treasure, the panda. Chengdu, its capital city, features a combination of big shopping malls, luxury boutique stores and commercial pedestrian streets where most any kind of clothing and accessories can be purchased.

What to Buy in Sichuan

Sichuan Tea

Sichuan is one of the main tea producing areas in China, where famous and excellent green tea grows. Compared with other tea producing provinces in China, Sichuan enjoys superior ecological conditions, rich tea varieties and profound tea culture. Mengding mountain tea, Yibin early tea, Zhuyeqing, Tianfu Longya, Mengding yellow bud are famous Sichuan Tea.

Sichuan Liquor

Sichuan liquor is famous both at home and abroad for its large liquor production and many famous brands. The six brands of liquor are known as "Six Golden Flowers", which are Wuliangye(五粮液), Luzhou Laojiao(泸州老窖), Jiannanchun(剑南春), Tuobai Qujiu(沱牌曲酒), Quanxing Daqu(全兴大曲) and Langjiu(郎酒). Langjiu liquor belongs to Maotai-flavor liquor, and the other five belong to Luzhou-flavor liquor.

Shu Brocade

Sichuan, called “Shu” for short in ancient, is the cradle of Chinese silk. As one of the most important intangible cultural heritages in China, Shu brocade is the leading one amongst Four Great Brocade Schools. It is endowed with classic elegance in colors and concinnity in quality. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Shu brocade was exported overseas to Japan. A wide range of designs and exquisite texture are used in the Shu Brocade works, including garments, quilts, pillowcases, ladies' shoes, etc. Also there are many interesting related products such as small change purse and handkerchief suitable for relatives and friends as a gift.

Shu Embroidery

Being one of the four great Chinese embroidery styles in China, Shu embroidery is a general name for silk needlework produced in Chengdu and around the city of Chengdu in Sichuan. With many natural subjects such as panda bear, birds and fish, Shu embroidery mainly shows the auspicious happiness of life and has been used in many different applications, both ornamental and practical. It is often made into quilts, sheets, slippers, or clothes with elaborate designs and subtle visual effects lending color and beauty to the wearer.

Pixian Bean Paste

Pixian bean paste is the most famous local product in Pixian County, with a long history of 300 years. It is not only a necessary seasoning for Sichuan cuisine, but also can go directly with rice or bread. Especially the "double cooked pork slices" and "Mapo tofu" cooked with Pixian Douban have strong Sichuan flavor which are recognized the representative works of Sichuan cuisine. 

Where to Buy in Sichuan


Many world-famous supermarket chains, such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Metro can be found in Sichuan. Domestic brands such as Home World, Trust-Mart and Renrenle are also popular. You have to pay at the price on the sign because bargaining is unacceptable. Many large supermarkets sell local specialties, which is a good place to shop when you want to bring some local specialties for your friends or relatives.

Specialty Shops

Local specialty stores can be found in the streets and alleys of Sichuan cities. Usually you have more choices here than supermarkets. There are similar specialty stores at airports, but the prices are usually more expensive. So we advise you not to buy it at the airport. Of course, airport shopping is also a good choice if you want to save time.

Business Street

Sichuan sities have distinctive commercial streets where local products can be bought. The same kind of goods are usually sold on the same street, which makes shopping easier and saves you time. You may find paintings, handicraft, silk embroidery and many other things here. Some commercial streets are pedestrian streets where tourists can relax and shop.

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