Shu Embroidery in Sichuan

Shu embroidery, also called “Chuan embroidery”, is one of the four famous embroidery styles of China. It has been regarded as “a treasure of Sichuan” ever since the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) and reached its peak of popularity during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Shu embroidery is renowned for its superb workmanship, smooth texture, and bright appearance. Its special features are said to be its “smooth, fine needlework, simple and elegant colors, graceful, easy lines and traditional Chinese painting style”. The needlework is especially impressive, “the even stitches, bright threads, and soft texture” each displaying the exceptional skill of the artists. However, the common person may be more interested in the embroidery designs than its needlework and in this area too it doesn’t disappoint, containing the most exquisite flowers, birds, landscapes, fish and human figures. These are meant to portray good luck and happiness. The embroidery can take all shapes and forms including: pillowcases, slippers, curtains, lace, wedding dresses, scrolls, hats, shoes, skirts, and quilts.