Sichuan Travel Tips

For a better travel experience along the way while you are in Sichuan, there are some useful travel tips which may be helpful for your tour.

  • Sunscreen: Most areas of Sichuan are in the highlands, especially in the west, so the ultraviolet is relatively strong, protective measures are essentialsuch as using sunscreen, wearing sunglasses and sun hats, etc.
  • Clothing: Pay more attention to temperature difference of day and nighteven if you visit Sichuan in the summer time, especially in the highlands. So it is necessary for you to prepare some warm winter clothes when entering the highland regions.
  • Altitude Sickness: Altitude sicknessusually occurs on the highlands above an altitude of 3,000 meters, it is a vise choice to take some medication to prevent altitude sickness in advance, such as Hongjingtian and Gaoyuanan. No strenuous exercise and have a good rest at night.
  • Personnel Safety: Do not enter into the closed area. And pay attention to fireproofing and avoid the scaring of wild animals when you visit some mountain scenic spots, such as Emei Mountain, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Siguniang Mountains Scenic Area, etc.
  • If you have an independent travel (Group tour is highly recommended) in Sichuan province, you should pay attention to all nameplates in every spots in your tour. Please have your tour according to tour path to avoid to be getting lost.