Hangzhou Bay Bridge in Jiaxing

Where is Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a large-scale sea-crossing bridge connecting the Zhengjiadai in Jiaxing in the north to the Shuiluwan in Ningbo in the south of Zhejiang Province. The bridge was built in 2005 and opened to traffic in May 2008. Hangzhou Bay Bridge is 36 kilometers long and 33 meters wide. The longest span is 325 meters and it has a six-lane highway in both directions. The construction of Hangzhou Bay Bridge cost $11.8 billion.

Why is The Hangzhou Bay Bridge So Special?

Hangzhou Bay Bridge was among the ten longest trans-oceanic bridges. Hangzhou Bay Bridge is of great significance to the cities around Hangzhou Bay regarding transportation and the economy. The bridge connects Jiaxing and Ningbo in Zhejiang Province. The bridge shortens the travel time from Ningbo to Shanghai from 4 hours to 2½ hours.

Main Attraction in Hangzhou Bay Bridg

There is a 12,000-square meter-big sightseeing platform named “Land between the Sea and the Sky” in the middle of the bridge. It has six floors: the first and second floors are parking lots; the third floor is the main viewing area with an outdoor viewing zone, an indoor café, a multi-media theater, a museum, etc. Shops and restaurants are located on the fourth floor and on the fifth floor is a 5-star hotel, equipped with a meeting room and banquet hall. It provides tourists with various services, such as sightseeing, catering, accommodation, entertainment, shopping, and a meeting place.

How to Get to Hangzhou Bay Bridge?

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Independent Travel

  • Currently there are only two ways to get there.Visitors need get to the service areas at the south or north side of the bridge and then change to a shuttle bus.
  • For self-drive visitors, you also need to get to either of the service areas to get a parking permit and admissions tickets.

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