Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake, also known by other names, is the largest lake in China. It is a famous tourist destination in Qinghai Province and the source of the province’s name. The shoreline of the lake is approximately 360 kilometers long. The lake has fluctuated in size, shrinking over much of the 20th century but increasing since 2004. It had a surface area of 4,317 km2 (1,667 sq mi), an average depth of 21 m (69 ft), and a maximum depth of 25.5 m (84 ft) in 2008. With an altitude of 3, 195m, the climate surrounding the lake is very cool even in the middle of the summer, which is why it is often selected as a summer resort. Qinghai Lake is regarded as the “green lake”, “blue sea” or “fairyland” because of the marvelous natural beauty reflected on it. It is also the largest inland and salt water lake in China. 

Highlights of Qinghai Lake

  • Superb Scenery: The lake is surrounded by mountains and grassland, creating a magnificent sight. The lake’s scenery changes with the seasons. Every year in July and August, the many canola flowers around the lake come into bloom. The yellow of the canola fields complements the blue of the lake beautifully. In winter the lake is covered by a massive sheet of ice, creating otherworldly scenery.
  • Cycling Tour Around the Lake: The Huanhu Xi Lu is called “the most beautiful road around the lake” because it is close to the lake and boasts beautiful scenery. You shouldn’t miss it if you travel to Qinghai Lake. Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race is annually held in Xining. The event is held during the period from July to August every year since 2002. 
  • Wonderful Cultural Experiences: Apart from embracing the heavenly beauty, visitors can either stroll on the grass or ride on a yak, climbing the sand hill or visiting the historic remains on the way. Or you may enjoy a taste of the Tibetan life with the local people if you like. Tents and various delicious foods are provided in the pastures.
  • Pilgrim Tour: For travelers, Qinghai Lake is the ideal place for photography, while for local Tibetans, it is a scared and magical lake for pilgrimage. Every year, a large number of pilgrims make a Kora around Qinghai Lake.

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