Qinghai Lake Climate

Qinghai Lake (Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) Weather and Climate describes information with temperature, precipitation, Geography, What Clothes to Wear in Qinghai Lake, weather and climate by month, climate graph, 15 days Qinghai Lake weather forecast. Find out the best time to visit Qinghai Lake and see the season highlights in Qinghai Lake. It also tells you what to wear in different seasons and Clothes packing for your Trip to Qinghai Lake.

Qinghai Lake Climate and Weather

Qinghai Lake has a plateau continental climate with sufficient light and strong sunshine. It is cold in winter and cool in summer, with short warm season and long cold season. There are many strong winds and sandstorms in spring. It has less rainfall, and is hot in the rainy season. Qinghai Lake climate also features in distinct dry and wet seasons.

Temperature in Qinghai Lake

The temperature in the eastern and southern parts of the lake is slightly higher, with the average annual temperature ranging from 1.1℃ to 0.3℃, while the temperature in western and the northern is slightly lower, with the average annual temperature ranging from-0.8 to 0.6℃. The average maximum temperature ranges from 6.7 to 8.7℃, the average minimum temperature ranges from-6.7 to 4.9℃, the extreme maximum temperature ranges from 25℃ to 24.4℃, and the extreme minimum temperature ranges from-31℃ to-33.4℃.

Average Temperature and Precipitation by Month

Months Normal Warmest Coldest Precipitation
January -10.0°C -2.7°C -15.4°C 1
February -7.1°C -0.2°C -12.4°C 1
March -1.6°C 5.1°C -7.0°C 2
April 4.1°C 10.8°C -2.0°C 2
May 8.9°C 15.5°C 2.7°C 4
June 12.2°C 18.5°C 6.2°C 6
July 14.7°C 21.3°C 8.9°C 6
August 14.2°C 21.0°C 8.2°C 5
September 9.2°C 16.1°C 3.7°C 3
October 2.9°C 10.0°C -2.3°C 2
November -4.6°C 2.8°C -9.6°C 1
December -8.8°C -1.3°C -13.9°C 1

What to Wear

Spring clothes are mostly used, summer clothes and autumn clothes have one coat. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and it is hot at noon.

A mountaineering jacket is necessary no matter which month you come. Even in July or August, the temperature is also can lower than 10℃ (50℉). And a rain will bring a cold day in Qinghai Lake in any season.

The Best Time to Visit Qinghai Lake

The best time to watch the birds is from May to July. If you want to the see the best view of the lake, then the best time is July and August. If you want to see the swan, then the best time would be from November to next Febuary. Generally speaking, July– August is the busiest season for Qinghai Lake travel, so lodging and other accommodations may cost more than usual.

Avoid Public Holidays

Try to avoid the public holidays of China, such as May Day Holiday(May 1-3), National Day Holiday(October 1-7), Spring Festival Holiday(Usually early February), Qingming Festival(in early April), Dragon Boat Festival(in June). Spring festival and national day festival are the most crowded time to travel. During these holidays, there will be a large crowd in the tourist attractions and you can't really enjoy yourself. Flights and hotels can cost three times as much than usual, and it's hard to get tickets during the Spring Festival. 

More about Chinese National Holidays

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