Qinghai Lake Accommodation

Qinghai Lake (Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) Accommodation and Hotels Booking introduces Where to stay in Qinghai Lake and the recommended Hotels Closest to Qinghai Lake, Hotels near Bird Island, as well as Comfortable and Economic Inns and Hostels recommended by TripAdvisor.

Major Accomodations around Qinghai Lake

Xihai Town 西海镇,  151 Base, Erlangjian Scenic Area 二郎剑景区, Jiangxigou Town 江西沟乡, Heimahe Town 黑马河乡, Shinaihai Town 石乃亥乡, Bird Island 鸟岛,  Quanji Town 泉吉乡, Gangcha County and Ha'ergai Town 哈尔盖镇 are the places you will passby during the Qinghai Cycling Tour.

  • Xihai Town: It is the starting point or end point of Qinghai lake's cycling tour, with many cycling clubs at the town, and many cyclists also start their journey here. There are the many buses from Xining City, and the journey from Xihai town to cycle around the lake is only a few minutes' ride.
  • 151 Base and Erlangjian Scenic Area: They are usually places where cyclists stay and rest on their first day. There are many yurts and hotels along the street, mostly operated by Tibetans themselves, offering simple, basic accommodation condition.
  • Heimahe Town: It is the most important supply point and transportation hub along Qinghai Lake. Generally speaking, cyclists will stay here at the second day, and many people travel with chartered car will also stay here. The morning sunrise on the Hema River is worth seeing. Of course, it is also the hub for going to Chaka Salt Lake. Therefore, this small town will gather a lot of tourists every night. The restaurant is crowded until early morning.
  • Gangcha County:  It is the largest supply depot along Qinghai Lake. As a county, life here is a little bit better than that of a town. Unlike other villages and towns, the night view of Gangcha county is very beautiful. The hotels in the county have better facilities and service. After 7-8 hours of riding from the county, you will arrive at Xihai Town, the ending of your Qinghai cycling tour.

Best Hotels Closest to Qingai Lake

  • 青海湖西海岸唯美人文旅馆 
    Add: No.478, Gangcha Road, Xihai Town, Haiyan County 海晏 西海镇刚察路478号
    Tel: 0970-5960000
  • Qinghaihu Hotel 青海湖大酒店
    Add: Niannai Suoma Village, Quanji Town 泉吉乡年乃索麻村
  • West Coast Holiday Hostel 青海湖西海岸假日宾馆
    Add: 刚察 青海湖环湖西路
    Tel: 0970-8655333
  • Qinghai Lake Garden International Hotel 青海湖花园国际大酒店
    Add: 共和 二郎剑景区东侧1.5公里处 
  • Hu Dong Hotel 海晏湖东大酒店
    Add: Hudong Sheep farm, East Lake-ring Road, Haiyan County 海晏县环湖东路湖东羊场
    Tel0794- 8637777

Hotels and Inns near Bird Island

  • North Coast Hotel 鸟岛北海岸宾馆
    Add: Near the Bird Island, Niannai Suoma Village, Quanji Town, Gangcha刚察 泉吉乡年乃索麻村鸟岛旁
    Tel:  13195772875
  • Bird Island Mansion Hotel 青海鸟岛大庄园宾馆
    Add: Bird Island Market, Quanji Town, Gangcha 刚察 泉吉乡鸟岛集镇
    Tel:  0970-8655066
  • West Coast Holiday Hostel 青海湖西海岸假日宾馆
    Add: 刚察 青海湖环湖西路
    Tel: 0970-8655333

Hotels and Inns in Gangcha County

Zangcheng Holiday Hotel 刚察藏城假日宾馆
Add: No.77, West Street, Gangcha 刚察 西大街77号
Tel:  0970-8657777

Tanggula Mountain Hotel 刚察雪古拉山饭店
Add: East Sreet, Gangcha 东大街刚察县民族中学对面
Tel:  /

Jingyue Holiday Hotel 刚察景悦假日宾馆
Add: Opposite Tsangyang Gyatso Square 刚察 仓央嘉措广场斜对面
Tel:  0970-8659799

Yilu Muge Business Hotel 刚察怡路牧歌商务宾馆
Add: No.144, Xueyuan Road, Shaliuhe Town, Gangcha刚察 沙柳河镇学苑路144号
Tel:   0970-8657333

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