Yangshuo County is located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, south of Guilin City. It is located at 110°13′-110°40′ east longitude and 24°28′-25°4′ north latitude. It is adjacent to Gongcheng County and Pingle County in the east, Zhangpu County in the south, Yongfu County and Lingui District in the west, and Lingchuan County and Yanshan District in the north. The county area is 1428.38 square kilometers. The government is located at No. 1 Xianqian Street, Yangshuo Town.


  • Li River Cruise: Yangshuo is the termination of the Li River Cruise. The magnificent Li River crosses Yangshuo County and forms the breathless natural scenery.
  • Paradise for Photographers: Yangshuo boasts breathless natural sceneries, such as ancient Yangshuo West Street, also known as “Foreigners’ Street”, beautiful Butterfly Spring Park.
  • Karst Landscapes: The karst topography of Guilin is characterized by its mysterious caves, clear water, green hills and pretty rocks. However, Yangshuo has the reputation”Guilin’s scenery is best among all under heaven, the scenery of Yangshuo is better than that of Guilin”.
  • Colorful Ethnic Culture: As of 2010, Yangshuo County has 11 ethnic groups including Han, Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Miao, Tibetan, Dong, Korean, Tujia, Manchu and Bai.

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Yangshuo Attractions

Yangshuo is a famous scenic spot in the world. The so-called "Guilin's scenery is the best in the world, and Yangshuo landscape tops that of Guilin." In addition to Li River, Yangshuo has the land of idyllic beauty written by Tao Yuanming, the natural Moon Hill, the dreamy Yulong River, the ancient West Street in Yangshuo County, the water park of Liu Sanjie. In fact, when you choose to go to Yangshuo, what you meet will be [...]

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Yangshuo Tours

When come to Yangshuo County, the Li River is a must-see for photographers and those looking for a rural escape. Li River Cruise Tour is necessary in Yangshuo Tours. As of 2010, Yangshuo County has 11 ethnic groups including Han, Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Miao, Tibetan, Dong, Korean, Tujia, Manchu and Bai. Therefore, Colorful Ethnic Culture Tour is another choice,  such as Ethnic Minority Villages Tour, Yao and Zhuang Minority Tour, Festival Tour, Group Tour, etc. We can also customize packages according to your needs. [...]

Climate & When to Go

Yangshuo County is located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, south of Guilin City. Yangshuo has a subtropical climate with mild climate and abundant rainfall. The annual average rainfall is 1,900 mm, the average temperature is 19°C. There is no cold in winter and no hot in summer. The annual frost-free period is about 300 days, and the annual average sunshine is more than 1,550 hours. Therefore, Yangshuo is definitely a good place for tourism, and the scenery is absolutely unique. [...]

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Yangshuo County is located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, south of Guilin City. It is adjacent to Gongcheng County and Pingle County in the east, Zhangpu County in the south, Yongfu County and Lingui District in the west, and Lingchuan County and Yanshan District in the north.  How to Get to Yangshuo County By Air Yangshuo County is under the jurisdiction of Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Therefore, people who plan to visit Yangshuo County can firstly take a flight to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. There are airport shuttle [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Yangshuo, a place with many ethnic minorities, has many unique folk festivals and the strong customs, which have become the major scenery line of Guilin Tourism. Although there are many traditional festivals in China, the most exciting is undoubtedly unique festivals for all ethnic groups. Here, China Dragon Tours will introduce the representative ethnic festivals in Yangshuo County. Fishing Fire Festival on Yangshuo Li River(阳朔漓江渔火节) To some extent, it can be regarded as a new festival in Yangshuo, Guilin, which celebrated in November 1999 for the first time. On the festival, many [...]

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Travel Tips

1. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance:120 Consumers' Complaint: 12315 Traffic Accident: 122 Weather Forecast: 12121 Yangshuo Chief Bus Station: 0773-8822301 2. Expresses and Post Offices Xingping Branch Post Office Add: No. 16 Rongtan Street, Xingping Town, Yangshuo County(阳朔县兴坪镇榕潭街16号) Gaotian Post Office Add: No. 2 Gaojin Road, Gaotian Town, Yangshuo County(阳朔县高田镇高金路2号) Tel:(0773)8776108 Yangshuo Post Office Business Department Add: No. 55 Pantao Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县蟠桃路55) Tel:(0773)8827916 Yangdi Post Office Add: No. 26 Yangdi Street(杨堤街26号) Puyi Post Office Add: No. 146 Puyi Street, Puyi Township(普益乡普益街146号) Tel:(0773)8922108 YTO Express(Hefeng Alley) Add: No. 102 Hefeng Alley(和风巷102号) Tel:95554 YunDa Express(Branch of Wenbi Alley) Add: No. [...]

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Useful Maps

If we go to somewhere new, maps are good facilitators for us. Our Yangshuo maps cover different types of useful maps including Yangshuo Location Map, Yangshuo County Map, Yangshuo Attraction Map, Yangshuo Transportation Map, and so on to help you better understand about Yangshuo County and plan your Yangshuo tour. [...]

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Yangshuo Accommodation

As a tourist county, Yangshuo County has enough big hotels and small hotels. Here we have selected several hotels for you based on good service and the best location. Since each hotel offers a comfortable environment and reasonable prices, any choice you make is worth it. China Dragon Tours will always find the most suitable hotels for you. Where to Stay in Yangshuo County Recommended Deluxe Hotels: Yangshuo Yuerongzhuang Hotel(阳朔悦榕庄) Add: No. 168 Zhengdong Street, Fuli Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县福利镇正东街168号) Tel:(0773)3228888 Alila Yangshuo Tangshe Hotel(阿丽拉阳朔糖舍) Add: No. 102 Dongling Road, Yangshuo [...]

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