Yangshuo Dining

Yangshuo cuisine is related to its geographical position. The dining in Yangshuo County is particular about the freshness, tenderness and the nourishment of the dishes. Most tourists are much fonder of the special snacks, which are also popular among the locals. China Dragon Tours will introduce the main special local snacks for your reference.

What to Eat in Yangshuo County

Beer Fish(啤酒鱼)

Beer fish is probably the most famous dish in Yangshuo County. If you go to Yangshuo County, tasting the dish is one of your Yangshuo Tour. The raw material is the live carp from Li River and it is fried with its scales with several seasonings including local beer, chili, etc. In general, people cannot resist the delicious food.

Yangshuo Eighteen Niang Dishes(阳朔十八酿)

"Eighteen Niang Dishes" are also the famous specialties in Yangshuo, that is, 18 kinds of Niang dishes, which are very special. In fact, people in Yangshuo are very fond of eating Niang dishes. The locals will come up with many different dishes and use different materials to make different Niang dishes, which are very distinctive.

Grouper Fish Hot Pot(斑鱼火锅)

This is also a favorite dish in Yangshuo County. It is cheap, huge, and extraordinarily delicious! The fish will be very delicious after adding the seasonings, such as chili, bean sprouts and cilantro. Come to Yangshuo County and you will love the food here.

Guilin Noodles (桂林米粉)

A bowl of these delicious rice noodles loaded with toppings is cheap and available everywhere. The noodles are famous to eat in Yangshuo and one of the more popular Chinese dishes in the region. 

Yangshuo Sticky Rice Cake(阳朔糍粑)

The sticky rice cake is the famous snack in Yangshuo County and it is well-known food in Yangshuo County, even the entire Guilin. The sticky rice cakes are used to celebrate important festivals and weddings in Yangshuo County every year. The sticky rice cake is the most special one that can be made by steaming, boiling or frying other ingredients together such as sesame, broomcorn, chestnut and brown sugar.

Where to Eat in Yangshuo County

Dashifu Beer Fish Restaurant(West Street)(大师傅啤酒鱼(西街老店))

Add: Floor 2-3, No. 1 Xijiekou, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县西街口1号2-3层)

Xinglin Nongjia Restaurant(兴林农家饭店)

Add: Shiba Menlou Village, Xingping Town(兴坪镇十八门楼村)

Xiesanjie Beer Fish Restaurant(Xingxiang)(谢三姐啤酒鱼(形象店))

Add: No. 105 Kangzhan Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县抗战路105)

Xiaofeiyang Restaurant(Yangshuo County)(小肥羊(阳朔店))

Add: No. 28 Diecui Road(叠翠路28号)

Gaolao Fish Restaurant(高佬鱼庄)

Add: No. 3 Guanlian Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县观莲路30)

Dongyang Mutton Restaurant(东阳羊肉馆)

Add: No. 15 Jingfeng Road, Yangshuo County(阳朔荆凤路15号)

Chongshan Rice Noodles(West Street)(崇善米粉(西街店))

Add: No. A113 Diecui Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县叠翠路A113号(近桂花路))

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