Yangshuo Travel Tips

1. Useful Numbers

  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance:120
  • Consumers' Complaint: 12315
  • Traffic Accident: 122
  • Weather Forecast: 12121
  • Yangshuo Chief Bus Station: 0773-8822301

2. Expresses and Post Offices

Xingping Branch Post Office

Add: No. 16 Rongtan Street, Xingping Town, Yangshuo County(阳朔县兴坪镇榕潭街16号)

Gaotian Post Office

Add: No. 2 Gaojin Road, Gaotian Town, Yangshuo County(阳朔县高田镇高金路2号)

Yangshuo Post Office Business Department

Add: No. 55 Pantao Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县蟠桃路55)

Yangdi Post Office

Add: No. 26 Yangdi Street(杨堤街26号)

Puyi Post Office

Add: No. 146 Puyi Street, Puyi Township(普益乡普益街146号)

YTO Express(Hefeng Alley)

Add: No. 102 Hefeng Alley(和风巷102号)

YunDa Express(Branch of Wenbi Alley)

Add: No. 28 Wenbi Alley, Lingchuan County(灵川县文笔巷28号)

YTO Express

Add: No. 23 Shanghai Road, Xiangshan Subdistrict(象山街道上海路23号)

SF Express

Add: No. 212 Ligui Road, Licheng Town, Lipu City, Guilin City(桂林市荔浦市荔城镇荔桂路212号)

YTO Express(Yangshuo Branch)

Add: No. 43 West Qitacheng Road, Yangshuo County(阳朔县其他城西路43号)

3. Banks

China Construction Bank(Yangshuo Sub-branch)

Add: No. 29 Diecui Road, Yangshuo Town(阳朔镇叠翠路29号)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(Office of Yangshuo Sub-branch)

Add: No. 5 Pantao Road, West Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县西街蟠桃路5号)

Postal Savings Bank of China(Yangshuo County Sub-branch)

Add: No. 28 Pantao Road, Yangshuo Town, Yangshuo County(阳朔县阳朔镇蟠桃路28号)

Rural Credit Cooperatives in Yangshuo County(Sub-branch)

Add: No. 100 Kangzhan Road(抗战路100号)

Agricultural Bank of China(Sub-branch in Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo)

Add: No.17 Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo Town(阳朔镇城中路17号)

Postal Savings Bank of China(Sub-branch in Yangshuo County)

Add: No. 28 Pantao Road, Yangshuo Town, Yangshuo County(阳朔县阳朔镇蟠桃路28号)

Guilin Bank(Yangshuo Sub-branch)

Add: No. 1 Longyue Road(龙岳路1号)

4. Hospitals

Yangshuo Fukang Hospital

Add: No. 103 Chengxi Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县城西路103号)

Yangshuo People's Hospital

Add: No. 21 Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县阳朔镇城中路21号)

Yangshuo Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital

Add: No. 227 Pantao Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县蟠桃路227号)

Health Center in Huaping Town

Add: No. 128 Lao Street, Xingping Town(兴坪镇老街128号)

Health Center in Fuli Town

Add: No. 99 Xifeng Street, Fuli Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县福利镇西凤街99号)

Health Center in Putao Town

Add: No. 346 Fuwang Street, Putao Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县葡萄镇福旺街346号)

Health Center in Baisha Town

Add: No. 72 Jiefang Road, Baisha Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin City(桂林市阳朔县白沙镇解放路72

5. Best Time to Visit

Yangshuo is a place that is suitable to visit all year round.

  • Spring: The best time to visit Yangshuo is actually the spring. It is the best time to experience the pastoral scenery. Roam in the green mountains, see the golden rape blossoms and feel the different beauties.
  • Summer: When coming to Yangshuo in summer, the most important thing that you cannot miss is is drifting. Li River Cruise is a good choice.
  • Autumn: Walking in the West Street in the autumn, there is a petty bourgeoisie taste that cannot be ignored in West Street. You can also visit Fuli Ancient Town and find the folk customs.
  • Winter: It is not suitable for drifting or cycling in winter. At this time, you can visit West Street in Yangshuo. Those shops and bars are also one of the characteristics of Yangshuo.

6. Things to Do

Yangshuo is a famous scenic spot in the world. The so-called "Guilin's scenery is the best in the world, and Yangshuo landscape tops that of Guilin." In addition to Li River, Yangshuo has the land of idyllic beauty written by Tao Yuanming, the natural Moon Hill, the dreamy Yulong River, the ancient West Street in Yangshuo County, the water park of Liu Sanjie. In fact, when you choose to go to Yangshuo, what you meet will be a dreamy trip.

7. How to Get to Yangshuo County

Situated 40 miles southeast of Guilin, Yangshuo is now a must-see destination as well as Guilin. In order to attract the domestic and international tourists, Yangshuo County has gradually improved the transportation system. Nowadays, Yangshuo County is a place with convenient transportation. Visitors can have many choices to get to Yangshuo County, such as by train, long-distance bus, ship, etc.