Zunyi Education

By the end of 2016, there were 3865 schools of various levels and types in Zunyi. There are 120,500 full-time teachers, an increase of 49% over the precious year. A total of 1,926,800 students were enrolled, up 34.4% from the precious year. The enrollment rate of primary school age children in Zunyi is 99.9%, the gross enrollment rate of junior middle school is 98.5%, and the gross enrollment rate of senior high school is 88%. Zunyi perfectly combines the spirit of communism with the natural scenery, showing a beautiful picture to the world. If you are interested in red culture and spirits culture in China, Zunyi is a good place to start your student education tour

Colleges and Universities

English Name Chinese Name Address Tel.
Zunyi Medical University 遵义医科大学 No.201, Dalian Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区大连路201号 0851-8609366 0851-8204791
Zunyi Normal University 遵义师范学院 Pingan Avenue, Xinpu Subdistrict, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区新蒲街道平安大道 0851-28922406
Guizhou Aerospace Vocational and Technical College 贵州航天职业技术学院 Pingan Avenue, Xinpu New District, Zunyi遵义市新蒲新区平安大道 0851-28612782
Zunyi Vocational and Technical College 遵义职业技术学院 Xinpu New District University Town, Zunyi City, Guizhou遵义市新蒲新区大学城 0851-28655578
Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College 遵义医药高等专科学校 No.8, North Pingan Avenue, Xinpu New District, Zunyi遵义市新蒲新区平安大道北段8号 0851-28776222
Medicine & Technology School Of Zunyi Medical University 遵义医科大学医学与科技学院 Xinpu New District, Zunyi, Guizhou贵州省遵义市新蒲新区 0851-28608085
Moutai University 遵义茅台学院 Ruban Avenue, Renhuai City, Guizhou贵州省仁怀市鲁班大道 0851-28797042

High Schools and Junior Schools

English Name Chinese Name Address
Zunyi No.4 Middle School 遵义市第四中学 No.6, Taoli Road, Xinpu New District, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区新蒲新区桃李路6号
Zunyi No.1 High School 遵义市第一高级中学 Middle Yinhe Avenue, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区银河大道中部
Zunyi No.5 Middle School 遵义市第五中学 Wuhan Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区武汉路
Zunyi Aerospace Senior High School 遵义航天高级中学 Jinshajiang East Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区金沙江东路
Zunyi No.3 Middle School 遵义市第三中学 Baiyang Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区白杨路
 Nanbai Middle School 遵义市南白中学 No.401, Zunnan Avenue, Bozhou District, Zunyi遵义市播州区遵南大道401号
Yaxi Middle School 鸭溪中学 Bozhou District, Zunyi遵义市播州区
Tuanxi Middle School 团溪中学 Jiefang Road, Tuanxi Town, Bozhou District, Zunyi遵义市播州区团溪镇解放路
Tongzi No.1 Middle School 桐梓县第一中学 Fengming Road, Loushanguan, Tongzi County, Zunyi遵义市桐梓县娄山关凤鸣路
Renhuai City No.1 Middle School 仁怀市第一中学 Yanjin Subdistrict, Renhuai City, Zunyi遵义市仁怀市盐津街道
Renhuai City No.4 Middle School 仁怀市第四中学 Huangjiatian Village, Luban Town, Renhuai City, Zunyi遵义市仁怀市鲁班镇黄家田村
Chishui City No.1 Middle School 赤水市第一中学 No.14, Hebin West Road, Chishui City, Zunyi遵义市赤水市河滨西路14号
Suiyang Middle School 绥阳县绥阳中学 Suiyang County, Zunyi贵州省遵义市绥阳县
Zheng'an County No.1 Middle School 正安县第一中学 Wenhua North Road, Zheng'an County, Zunyi遵义市正安县文化北路
Qiushi Senior High School 湄潭县求是高级中学 Lanjiang Village, Meijiang Subdistrict, Meijiang County, Zunyi遵义市湄潭县湄江街道兰江村
Meijiang Middle School 湄潭县湄江中学 No.536, Chahai Road, Meitan County, Zunyi遵义市湄潭县茶海路536号
Fenggang No.1 Middle School 凤冈县第一中学 Wenfeng Road, Fenggang County, Zunyi遵义市凤冈县文峰路
Yuqing Middle School 余庆县余庆中学 No.2, Tuanjie Road, Baini Town, Yuqing County, Zunyi遵义市余庆县白泥镇团结路2号
Daozhen Middle School 道真县道真中学 Yinzheng Avenue, Daozhen County, Zunyi遵义市道真仡佬族苗族自治县尹珍大道
Zunyi No.1 Junior School 遵义市第一初级中学 Xiangshan Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区湘山路
Zunyi No.11 Middle School 遵义市第十一中学 No.48, Guanjing Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区官井路48号
Zunyi No.12 Middle School 遵义市第十二中学 No.128, Huancheng North Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区环城北路128号
Zunyi No.9 Middle School 遵义市第九中学 No.605, Zhonghua North Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区中华北路605号
Tongzi No.4 Middle School 桐梓县第四中学 Wenhua Road, Tongzi County, Zunyi遵义市桐梓县文化路
Renhuai No.2 Middle School 仁怀市第二中学 Maotai Town, Renhuai City, Zunyi遵义市仁怀市茅台镇
Donghuang Town Middle School 习水县东皇镇中学 Jinggang West Road, Xishui County, Zunyi遵义市习水县井冈西路
Zheng'an County No.3 Middle School 正安县第三中学  Wenhua Middle Road, Zheng'an County, Zunyi遵义市正安县文化中路
Fuxing Middle School 湄潭县复兴中学 Wenhua Street, Fuxing Town, Meitan County, Zunyi遵义市湄潭县复兴镇文化街
Fenggang No.3 Middle School 凤冈县第三中学 No.2, Tiyu Street, Fenggang County, Zunyi遵义市凤冈县体育街2号
Chacheng Middle School 湄潭县茶城中学 Tianwen Avenue, Meitan County, Zunyi遵义市湄潭县天文大道
Yuxi Middle School 道真自治县玉溪中学 Yucai Street, Daozhen County, Zunyi遵义市道真仡佬族苗族自治县育才街

Primary Schools and Kindergarden

English Name Chinese Name Address
Chishui No.2 Primary School 赤水市第二小学 No.87, Taiping Street, Chishui City, Zunyi遵义市赤水市太平街87号
Aerospace Primary School 航天小学 Dalian Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区大连路
Cambridge Foreign Language School 剑桥外国语学校 Guangzhou Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区广州路
Renmin Road Primary School 遵义市汇川区人民路小学 Renmin Road, Gaoqiao Town, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区高桥镇人民路
Zunyi Kairui International School 遵义恺瑞国际学校 Renmin Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区人民路
Bozhou District No.1 Primary School 播州区第一小学 Wanshou Street, Bozhou District, Zunyi遵义市播州区万寿街
Maitai Town No.2 Primary School 茅台镇第二小学 Hebin Street, Maotai Town, Renhuai City, Zunyi遵义市仁怀市茅台镇河滨街
Cambridge International Kindergarten 剑桥国际幼儿园 Guangzhou Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区广州路
Century Ark International Kindergarten 世纪方舟国际幼儿园 Zhuhao Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区珠海路
Hangya Kindergarten 航雅幼儿园 Yinshan Residential Quarter, Changzheng Town, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区长征镇银杉小区
Wisdom Tree English Kindergarten 智慧树英语幼儿园 Shenyang Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区沈阳路
Zunyi English Experimental  Kindergarten 遵义英语实验幼儿园 No.788, Neihuan Road, Huanghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区内环路788号
Zunyi Experimental Kindergarten 遵义市实验幼儿园 Nanning Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区南宁路
RYB Kindergarten 红黄蓝幼儿园 Gongqing Erlu, Bozhou District, Zunyi遵义市播州区共青二路
Zunyi Medical College

Zunyi Medical College

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