Zunyi Attractions

Located in the north of Guizhou province, Zunyi is the second largest city in Guizhou, about 2 hours' drive from Guiyang. Zunyi is an important transit station for those who wish to go further into northern Guizhou. The reason why Zunyi is best known to the Chinese people is that in January 1935, the political bureau of the central committee held a famous Zunyi meeting here, and Zunyi was also included in the first batch of 24 famous historical and cultural cities published by the state council. Zunyi perfectly combines the spirit of communism with the natural scenery, showing a beautiful picture to the world. The famous Chinese revolutionary culture is one of the characteristics of Zunyi, which attracts many tourists every year, especially domestic tourists. In addition to a number of historical sites including Zunyi Meeting Site, Zunyi is also rich in natural resources, such as Chishui Danxia Landform, Chishui Grand Waterfall and many other forest parks, a perfect combination of natural resources and historical culture. In addition, Maotai, which is known as "China Spirits", is produced in Maotai Town of Renhuai City, northwest of Zunyi. You can also experience tea culture at Fenggang Tea sea and Meitan Tea Sea.