Zunyi Climate

Enjoying a subtropical humid monsoon climate, Zunyi has no intense heat in summer and no severe cold in winter. Like most areas in Guizhou, the climate in Zunyi is relatively moderate, and the annual average temperature is 13-18℃. The rainy season coincides with the heat season. There is abundant rainfall and sunshine in Zunyi. It is suitable to visit all year long.

Temperature and Precipitation

Zunyi is located in the low latitude, cold air from Siberia arriving in Zunyi has been greatly weakened, so in the winter, extreme minimum temperature of the coldest period(in January) is -7.1℃ (on January 30, 1977), 0.2℃ higher than Zhijiang in the same latitude. And commonly affected by southwest monsoon in summer, extreme maximum temperature in the hottest period is 38.7℃ (on August 18, 1953), 1.7 ℃ lower than the neighboring Chongqing(40.4℃). Zhunyi annual average temperature is 15.1℃, 0.6 ℃ higher than Kunming City. Therefore, Zunyi has no intense heat in summer and severe cold in winter, with abundant rainfall and pleasant climate.

Seasons Feature Seasonal Average Temperature Precipitation
Spring(March-May) Warm spring and gentle breeze, but sometimes late spring coldness 15.3℃ 300 mm
Summer(June-August) Rainy in the early summer, drought in the height of summer, but no intense heat 24.1℃ 400-500 mm
Autumn(September-November) Temperature falls sharply, with autumn wind and continous rain at times.  16.1℃ 240-280 mm
Winter(December-February) without severe cold, but overcast days and less sunshine. Sometimes, there is congelation. 5.5℃ 60-70 mm

Tips for Zunyi Weather

Four seasons of Zunyi

Due to low latitude and strong solar radiation, the temperature will rise to more than 30℃ if there are three successive sunny days. Affected by monsoon greatly, when it is affected by northeast monsoon, the clouds are dense, low and thick, once at night when the solar radiation above the cloud is cooling, the night rain falls frequently. In April, affected by southwest monsoon, the overcast days are less, sunny days increase, and the temperature rises accordingly. 

1. In spring(March to May), the temperature gets warmer early. Sunny days increase, but the weather is unstable, especially from the late March to the early April, late spring coldness often happens. The rainy season usually begins in the middle and late April. 

2. In summer(June to August), the weather is hot and humid. Summer is the season with the most rainfall, especially the early summer in June is the month with most precipitation in the year. Heavy rainfall occurs frequently. 

3. In autumn(September to November), the temperature falls obviously, and the overcast days increase. There are autumn winds in early September, and from mid-September to mid-October, half of the month is rainy days. 

4. In winter(December to February), the season has the least solar radiation in the whole year. The seasonal average temperature is about 5.5℃, and the rainfall is precious little. Extreme temperature appears in the late January, reach to -7.1℃. 

Best Time to Visit

It is suitable to visit Zunyi in the four seasons. Like most areas in Guizhou, Zunyi has no intense heat in summer and no severe cold in winter, with abundant rainfall and sunshine. The annual average temperature is 13-18℃. Warm and humid climate makes it possible to visit Zunyi all the year round, and the scenic spots have no special requirement for season. 

Packing Tips

1. In Zunyi, the temperature difference in the morning and evening is large, cooler in the morning and evening, you'd better prepare a coat; besides, when visiting in Zunyi, rain gears are needed, especially in summer. 

2. There are many mountain roads in Zunyi, you are supposed to wear shoes suitable for a long walk; When taking the coach, you can prepare some drugs for carsickness

3. Due to strong ultraviolet ray, sunscreen products are essential, please pay attention to sun protection. 

Peak Holidays

Try to avoid the Chinese peak holidays when planning your Zunyi tour. The most crowded holidays are Spring Festival(usually in late Jan. or early Feb.), International Labor Day(May 1-3) and National Day(Golden week, Oct. 1-7). 

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