Zunyi Shopping

Once you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and Danxia landform in Zunyi, don't forget to select some souvenirs for your family and friends. In Zunyi, you will find some local specialties well-known at home and abroad, such as Moutai and tea. 

What to Buy in Zunyi


Guizhou Moutai is produced exclusively in the Moutai Town of Renhuai City, Guizhou province, China. Together with Scotch Whisky, France Cognac Brandy, Maotai is one of the three famous distilled wines. It is the originator of Daqu Maotai-flavor liquor, and has a long history.

Meijiang Tea(湄江茶)

Meijiang tea is a shoulder-shaped senior green tea with a history of 40 years. As early as the Anti-Japanese War, there was a tea experimental area in Meitan. Meijiang tea took Meitan moss tea group variety as Materials and was made by imitating longjing technology. In 1954, the name of Meijiang river and tea were merged into one, the tea was called Meijiang Tea. 

Zunyi Maofeng Tea(遵义毛峰茶)

Maofeng tea is produced in Meitan county of Zunyi city. The reason why Maofeng tea is famous, one is good tea quality. Temperature and humidity in this area are suitable for tea tree growth; One is unique manufacturing processEvery year around the Tomb-sweeping day, after tea trees undergo the accumulation of plastic substances in winter, full of vigor. These tea buds are elaborately processed into Zunyi Maofeng tea. Since Zunyi Maofeng came into being in 1974, it has been deeply praised by people at home and abroad.

Kuding Tea(小叶苦丁茶)

Produced in Yuqing county, Kuding tea is a non-caffeine alternative tea drinks. This kind of Kuding tea grows in the Wujiang river basin of Guizhou province. With favorable climatic conditions and pollution-free growing environment, the quality of Kuding tea produced in Yuqing county is excellent. 

Pod Pepper(朝天椒)

Zunyi pod pepper is also known as Zunyi pepper. When ripe, the fruit is bright in color, with beautiful shape, thick and fine texture, moderate peppery element and mellow flavor. It varies from breed to breed, the shape can be cone, long figer, cherry or bullet. Zunyi pepper is rich in nutrition, and the content of vitamin C per gram in fresh pepper is as high as 198 mg, which ranks in the forefront among many pepper varieties in China. Carotene is second only to carrots in content.

Where to Buy in Zunyi

Dingzikou road and pedestrian street are two places to shop in Zunyi. Dingzikou Road is located in the center of the city, and it is also the business center for shopping and entertainment. About 10 minutes walk from Zunyi conference site and 20 minutes from Zunyi railway station. Zunyi Pedestrian Street is located between Gongyuan Road and Hongqi Road. There are many shops selling small items and specialties with fair price along the street. 

1. Maotai Exclusive Shop国酒茅台专卖店
Address: Haier Avenue, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区海尔大道
Tel: 0851-8442028

2. Meitan Qianbei Spring Tea湄潭黔北春茶业
Address: Chaye Street, Hangzhou Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区杭州路茶叶街
Tel: 13678524182

3. International trade square国贸广场
Address: No.103, Zhongshan Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区中山路103号
Tel:  0851-28919133

4. Meijiale Shopping Mall美加乐购物广场
Address: The crossroad of Kangjia Road and Hongjun Avenue, Chishui City, Zunyi遵义市赤水市康佳路与红军大道交叉口

5. Zimyi Shopping Mall遵义商场
Address: No.15, Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan Road Subdistrict, Honghuagang District, Zunyi遵义市红花岗区中山路街道中山路15号
Tel: 0851-28213456

6. Huacheng Shopping Mall华诚购物广场
Address: The Crossroad of West Street and Changxing East Road, Bozhou District, Zunyi遵义市播州区西大街与长兴东路交叉口
Tel: 18685279799

7. Fu Le Duo Shopping Center福乐多购物中心
Address: The Crossroad of Renmin East Road and Chishui Avenue, Chishui city, Zunyi遵义市赤水市人民东路与赤水大道交叉口
Tel: 0851-23215888

8. International Trade Shopping Center国贸购物中心
Address: No.1, Zhuhai Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区珠海路1号
Tel: 0851-28325555

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