Zunyi Culture

The reason why Zunyi is best known to the Chinese people is that in January 1935, the political bureau of the central committee held a famous Zunyi meeting here, and Zunyi was also included in the first batch of 24 famous historical and cultural cities published by the state council. Zunyi is famous for the red tourism and Danxia landform among domestic tourists. 

Ethnic Groups

There are Tujia, Yi, Bai, Dai, Dai, Zhuang, Miao, Hui, Gelao, Lisu, Lahu, Wa, Naxi, Yao, Zang, Jingpo, Bulang, Buyi, Achang, Hani, Xibe, Pumi, Mongol, Nu, Jinuo, Deang, Shui, Man, Dulong and other ethnic groups distributed in Zunyi.

Ethnic Townships

There are 2 autonomous counties(Daozhen Gelao and Miao Autonomous County(道真仡佬族苗族自治县) and Wuchuan Gelao and Miao Autonomous County(务川仡佬族苗族自治县)) and 8 ethnic townships in Zunyi. 

Administrative Divisions Ethnic Townships
Bozhou District(播州区) Pingzheng Gelao Ethnic Township(平正仡佬族乡) and Hongguan Miao Ethnic Township(洪关苗族乡)
Tongzi County(桐梓县) Mazong Miao Ethnic Township(马鬃苗族乡)
Zhengan County(正安县) Shiping Miao and Gelao Ethnic Township(市坪苗族仡佬族乡) and Xieba Gelao and Miao Ethnic Township(谢坝仡佬族苗族乡)
Yuqing County(余庆县) Huashan Miao Ethnic Township(花山苗族乡) 
Renhuai City(仁怀市) Houshan Miao and Buyi Ethnic Township(后山苗族布依族乡)
Daozhen Gelao and Miao Autonomous County(道真仡佬族苗族自治县) Shangba Tujia Ethnic Township(上坝土家族乡)

Traditional Villages in Zunyi

There are many traditional villages and minority villages in Zunyi. Here below are just a fraction of them. 

  • Wujiang Village in Shangji Town of Bozhou District, Zunyi遵义市播州区尚嵇镇乌江村
  • Bingan Village in Bingan Township of Chishui City, Zunyi遵义市赤水市丙安乡丙安村
  • Bizhao Village in Yuanhou Town of Chishui City, Zunyi遵义市赤水市元厚镇陛诏村
  • Yangxi Village in Yangxi Town of Daozhen County, Zunyi遵义市道真县阳溪镇阳溪村
  • Manao Village in Suiyang Town of Fenggang County, Zunyi遵义市凤冈县绥阳镇玛瑙村
  • Heixi Ancient Village in Tuxi Town of Fenggang County, Zunyi遵义市凤冈县土溪镇黑溪古寨
  • Changqi Ancient Village in Xinjian Township of Fenggang County, Zunyi遵义市凤冈县新建乡长碛古寨
  • Yangjia Village in Yachuan Town of Fenggang County, Zunyi遵义市凤冈县琊川镇杨家寨
  • Hailongtun Village in Gaoping Subdistrict of Huichuan District, Zunyi遵义市汇川区高坪街道海龙屯村
  • Shijia Village in Qunxing Village of Chaole Township, Meitan County, Zunyi遵义市湄潭县抄乐乡群星村石家寨
  • Ping Shun Ba in Diguan Village of Maoping Town, Meitan County, Zunyi遵义市湄潭县茅坪镇地关村平顺坝
  • Shijiazhai Village in Xihe Township of Meitan County, Zunyi遵义市湄潭县西河乡石家寨村

Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Zunyi

Order Number Name Gender Date of Birth Project Name Declaration Place Classification
02-0661 Gu Zhiyan(顾之炎) Male 1940.12 Di Opera(地戏) Anshun in Guizhou Traditional Drama
02-0662 Zhan Xueyan(詹学彦) Male 1952.08 Di Opera(地戏) Anshun in Guizhou Traditional Drama
05-2405 Chen Xiansong(陈先松) Male / Di Opera(地戏) Anshun in Guizhou Traditional Drama
03-1325 Ji Keliang(季克良) Male 1939.04 Maotai brewing technology Renhuai City of Zunyi, Guizhou Traditional Skill
03-1326 Yuan Renguo(袁仁国) Male 1956.10 Maotai Brewing Techonology Renhuai City of Zunyi, Guizhou Traditional Skill
05-2737 Wang Yueyuan(王月圆) Female / Batik Anshun in Guizhou Traditional Skill

Local Cultures and Customs

  • Red Culture: Zunyi is red, it is not so much a place name as a humanistic concept and revolutionary mark. In 1935, the Chinese communist party held the famous “Zunyi meeting” here, which became a crucial turning point of the party’s life and death. Therefore, Zunyi was dubbed as “the city of turning and the capital of conferences”. 
  • Tea Culture: Two famous tea seas in Zunyi are Fenggang and Meitan, they are the towns of famous tea in China. You can experience tea picking, tea making and tea tasting there. 
  • Liquor Culture: Zunyi is clear and fragrant because of its fine liquors. Maotai, Xijiu Liquor(习酒), Dongjiu Liquor(董酒) and other famous liquors in China are produced here. Since ancient times, people who love liquor have regarded it as a paradise on earth. Maotai is known as China Spirits, and Zunyi is the hometown of Maotai. You can feel the liquor culture in  Maotai Town of Renhuai City
  • Ethnic festivals and Activities: There are more than 28 ethnic groups in Zunyi, including Miao, Gelao, Tujia, etc. Main ethnic festivals and activities are Caishan Festival(踩山节) of Miao Minority, The New Year of Gelao Minority, Ox King Festival and First Harvest of the Year, etc. 
History of Zunyi

History of Zunyi

Zunyi is known for being the location where Mao Zedong was first elected to the leadership of the Communist Party of China during the Long March. And Zunyi is...

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