Ili Transportation

Ili enjoys a large area so that the distance between places and the dishes with other cities in Xinjiang might be quiet long. In order to let you know more about Ili transportation, there are further details of Ili transportation.

How to Reach & Leave there

By Plane

Yining Airport
Location: No.144 Airport Road
Tel: 0999-8222332
The airport is 5 miles away form Ili downtown, it is the airport that is the closest to city proper in China. The airport provides flights to places like Urumqi, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, during which several flights are given to Urumqi.

Nalati Airport
It is located at Kuo’erdun Meadow of eastern suburb of Xinyuan County. The airport is 12 kilometers from highway of Xinyuan county, 16 kilometers away from the Wild Orchard Scenic Spot, and 58 kilometers from Nalati Scenic Area.

By Train

There are several railway stations in Ili prefecture spreading over different areas of Yili. Here is some information about those railway stations.

  • Yining Railway Station
    Situated in 5 miles northwest of downtown,  it is the second biggest railway station. It offers trains to places like Khorgos, Urumqi, Yining, Shanghai, etc. The telephone number of it is 0992-7326222.
  • Khorgos Railway Station
    It is located on Youyi South Road of Khorgos Development Zone. The station is 80 miles away from Yining city, 286 miles away from Jinhe Railway Station and 378 miles away from Almaty of Kazakhstan. The international passenger train (Urumqi South Railway Station - Khorgos - Almaty) passes there.
  • Kuitun Railway Station
    Located on Tuanjie South Street, the station is 241 miles away from Urumqi Railway Station, 2,189 miles away from Lanzhou and 254 miles away from Alashankou Railway Station. The last railway of it is Kuitundong Railway Station and the next station is Kuitunxi Railway Station. The trains from there terminate at Khorgos, Urumqi, Yining, Beitun, Alashankou, Karamay, Kuitun, etc.
  • Yiningdong Railway Station
    Located on Shangrouzimaitizi Village of Jiliyuzi Town in Yining County, it is 193 miles away from Jinhe Railway Station and 93 miles away from Khorgos Railway Station. It mainly offers trains to Khorgos and Urumqi. The telephone number of it is 0992-7326222.
  • Kuitundong Railway Station
    It is located in suburb of Kuytun city and near to the G30 Lianhuo Highway. The station is 211 miles away from Wuxi Railway Station and 245 miles away from Alashankou Railway Station.
  • Nilka Railway Station
    Located in Subutai Town of Nilka county, it is the second railway station of Jinyihuo Railway into Ili River Valley.

By Long-distance Bus

The highway transportation in Ili prefecture is convenient. There are several major passenger stations like Yili Passenger Station, Nongsishi Passenger Station. Long-distance buses reaching places with places around are available, especially the coaches to Urumqi.

  • Ili Passenger Station
    Address: No.474 Jiefeng West Road
    Tel: 0999-8139263
  • Nongsishi Passenger Station
    Address: No.4, Lane 7 of Ahemaitijiang Street, Junken Road
    Tel: 0999-8121213
  • Ili Passenger Transport Management Service Center Passenger Station Branch 1
    Address: Xinhua East Road, Yining city.
  • Ili Passenger Transport Management Service Center Passenger Station Branch 1
    Address: It is near to the intersection of Ying’ayati Road and Lane 2 of Ying’ayati Road.

Urban Transport


There are about 11 bus lines there. The price is usually 1 yuan and it varies if the bus type are different.
Business Time: 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. in summer; 9:00 - 8:30 winter.


The starting price is 5 yuan within 2 miles and it is 1.4 yuan each mile beyond 2 miles.