Ili Dining

Ili neighbors a lot of places so that there are all sorts of dishes and snacks with flavor of other places. Together with local food, visitors could taste many different cuisines there. Here is some information about Ili food and places to eat that you could refer to.

What to Eat

  • Milk Tea (奶茶): It is a common drink of Ili. The milk tea there is added milk, theocin, ewe's milk,cream and butter. It differs from those in other places. You could drink authentic milk tea in Nalati Prairie.
  • Baozi (包子Steamed Stuffed Bun): There are various kinds of Baozi in Ili, like baked ones, thin skin Baozi, etc.
  • Naren (纳仁): It is a kind of noodle that is cooked by mutton soup. The soup retains the original flavor of meat to make the noodle much more delicious. With sliced mutton on top of the noodles, it looks good and taste delicious.
  • Piwo Beer ( 啤沃): It is a native beer with Russian flavor in Yining city. It tastes like honey-flavored beer, and the beer is a good drink to drink while eating mutton.
  • Smoked Meat and Horse Intestines (熏肉和马肠子):Kazak people would prepare smoked meat for winter in early winter. Yining produces fine smoked meat, and the horse intestines while have the similar making method as blood sausage are the best of them.
  • Manaizi (马奶子): It is thought as the most charming drink in hot summer. The drink is made from mare fermentation, with rich nutrition and refreshing sweetness.
  • Stewed Fish with Bu’erhaxueke (布尔哈雪克炖鱼): It is a unique Xibe dish. Bu’erhaxueke is a kind of wild apple mint herb with fancy smell and tree leaf like shape.

Where to Eat

Ayinuli Meilishiyuan Restaurant (阿依努丽美丽食园)

Located on No.10, Lane 7 of Jiefeng Road, the restaurant offers a variety of Xinjiang special food like mutton shashlik, hand grasping rice, etc.

Xiyu laohuiminfanzhuang Restaurant(西域老回民饭庄)

Located on the second floor of Tailong Building, Lane 3 of Jiefang West Road, it mainly provides traditional halal dished but with improvement of the traditional ones. The cuisine there retains both the traditional styles of food as well as innovation.

Ailekesi’er Uyghur Canteen (艾勒喀斯尔维族餐厅)

Located on No.114 Xinhua East Road, it offers traditional Xinjiang dishes.

Huoyanshan Restaurant (火宴山)

Located on the fifth floor of Ili Tianbai International Shopping Center of No.18 Stalin East Road, the restaurant provides hot pot as well as local dishes.

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