Ili Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • City Code: 654000
  • Zip code: 835000
  • Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110
  • Yili Tourism Quality Supervision Complaints: 0999-8044229
  • Yining Tourism Complaints: 0999-8359405
  • Yining Taxi Complaints: 0999-8121478
  • Civil Aviation Ticket Office: 0999-6766000

Post Office

  • Ili Post Office: North of No.25, Lane 3 Stalin Street
  • Chabuchar County Post Office: No.96 West Street of Chalugai Road
  • Xinyuan County Post Office: No.29 Youth Street, Xinyuan Town
  • Jiefangxilu Road Post Office Branch: No.550 Jiefang West Road
  • Airport Road Post Office Branch: No.194 Airport Road

Medical Service

  • Xinjiang Ili Friendship Hospital
    Add: No.92 Stalin Street
    Tel: 0999-8021632
  • Yili Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Add: No.70 Stalin Road
    Tel: 0999-8022894


Do in Rome as Rome does. There are various minority groups in Ili and it is a place that gathers different religion. You should respect their customs and religion in Ili visiting.


There are large temperature differences between day and night in Ili, so you had better take some warm clothes with you.

There is heavy dew outside so it is better to take waterproof trousers and shoes.


Ili enjoys a large area so it may take you long time on long-distance bus or train or car, so takes some pills for carsickness.