Ili Attractions

Getting the fame of “Wetland of Central Asia”, Ili enjoys numerous amazing tourist attractions. For the natural spots, there is Gongnaisi (means the sun slope in Mongol) Prairie, Tangbula Prairie, Narat Prairie, Zhaosu Prairie, Fruit Valley, Kalajun Prairie (喀拉峻大草原), Ili River, etc. For the cultural sites, there is Wusun Ancient Tombs of Bronze Age, Ruins of Alalimali (阿拉力马力遗址), Ruins of Gongyuecheng (弓月城遗址) of Tang Dynasty, the General House of Ili,Lin Zexu Memorial Hall, etc. Besides, you could also visit Ipal Khan Tourist Park (伊帕尔汗旅游公园), Jieyougongzhu Lavender Garden (解忧公主薰衣草园), Sailimuhu Lake, Narat National Forest Park,  Kanas Lake, etc.