Datong Road Tea Market in Shanghai

Datong Road Tea Market in Shanghai (上海大统路茶叶批发市场) is a renowned destination for tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs, offering a vibrant and diverse selection of teas. Here’s an overview of this famous tea market:


  • Location: Datong Road Tea Market is situated in the Datong Road area of Shanghai, known for its bustling trade in teas from various regions of China and beyond.


  • History: The market has a long history dating back several decades, evolving into a central hub for tea trading, retail, and cultural exchange related to tea.
  • Tea Varieties: It offers a wide range of tea varieties, including famous Chinese teas such as Longjing (Dragon Well), Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess), Pu-erh, and many others. Visitors can find both loose leaf teas and packaged teas from different provinces known for their tea production.
  • Market Atmosphere: The market exudes a lively atmosphere with numerous tea stalls, shops, and vendors lining the streets. It’s a place where local tea merchants and distributors gather to showcase their products and negotiate deals.


  • Tea Tasting: Visitors have the opportunity to taste various teas before making a purchase. This allows them to experience different flavors, aromas, and qualities of teas from different regions.
  • Retail and Wholesale: While primarily a retail market where individual consumers can purchase teas in small quantities, Datong Road Tea Market also accommodates wholesale transactions, attracting tea retailers and businesses.
  • Cultural Experience: Beyond the transactions, the market provides a cultural experience where visitors can learn about tea culture, traditions, and the art of tea preparation from knowledgeable vendors.


  • Tourist Attraction: The Datong Road Tea Market is a popular tourist attraction in Shanghai, drawing both domestic and international visitors interested in exploring China’s rich tea heritage and purchasing high-quality teas.
  • Promotion of Tea Culture: It plays a significant role in promoting tea culture by preserving traditional tea practices, supporting local tea producers, and fostering a deeper appreciation for tea among visitors.


The Datong Road Tea Market in Shanghai stands as a bustling center of tea commerce and culture, offering a comprehensive experience for tea lovers and tourists alike. With its wide array of teas, cultural richness, and historical significance, the market continues to be a vital part of Shanghai’s cultural and economic landscape related to tea.