Cuihua Mountain in Xian

Basic Introduction

Cuihua Mountain, formerly known as Taiyi Mountain, consists of Bishan Lake , Tianchi Lake and Landslide Rock Sea three scenic areas. In the legend Taiyi Zhenren once practiced here, hence the name of Taiyi Mountain. Cuihua Mountain scenic spot is located at the north foot of Qinling Mountain, 20 kilometers away from south of Xi ‘an city, with an area of 32 square kilometers. With an altitude of 2,132 meters, beautiful lake scenery and rare landslip landform in China, Cuihua Mountain is known as “Unique in Zhongnan Area”(终南独秀) and ” Geological and Geomorphic Museum of China”(中国地质地貌博物馆)

Landslide Landform of Cuihua Mountain

Rare Stones

 Strange stone refers to the colluvial deposits and boulders of the mountain falling down , which is a large stone downward because of the mountain colluvium, piled up into a huge colluvial body, also known as “colluvial boulder”(崩体巨砾). The geological features and landforms formed by  landslide of the the Cuihua Mountain are well preserved. There was a boulder 60 metres long, 40 metres wide and 30 metres high. Someone had built a house on it, as stable as a rock.

Rare Caves

There are ice cave and wind cave. In landslides, huge boulders collide, crush and pile up, leaving deep gaps between stones. The ice cave is deep and low-lying, forming irregular shape of the outer and inner holes. Due to the lack of cold and warm air exchange conditions with outside, so the temperature difference between inside and outside  can reach more than 23℃ in summer, the outside cave is cold, ice never melts in the inner cave. Wind cave is a long and narrow gap formed by two boulders supporting each other in the shape of “people”. The cave is a triangle, more than 30 meters long and 15 meters high. There is no sunlight in the cave all the year round. When the airflow passes through, it speeds up and the wind becomes smaller. Visitors enter the cave and feel the cool wind swish.

Main Scenic Spots of Cuihua Mountain

Tianchi Lake

Tianchi, also known as Taiyi Lake, has a water area of about 50,000 square meters. It features the rare natural geological museum in China and the world. Watch the strange stones and pass through the strange caves. You can take yacht on the barrier lake , take the slip rope or row a boat in the rippling blue waves to see the scenery wonders.

Ganqiu Lake(甘湫池)

In the upstream of Taiyi River, there is a barrier lake – Ganqiu Lake. It is located under Ganqiu peak, with an area of 0.2 square kilometers. Due to insufficient water,  water of the pool is heavily permeated, and it has become a dry lake, hence the name Ganqiu. Ganqiu Forest Fitness Zone: walk on the Qinchu ancient road, feel the difficulties and dangers road of Lingnan and Lingbei cargo exchanges.

Best Time to Visit

Cuihua Mountain has different scenery in four seasons, which is suitable for traveling all the year round, especially in summer. During summer, you can enjoy the beautiful cascade waterfalls in Yifangyuan Scenic Area, and if you are lucky, you will even see a rainbow over the waterfall on sunny days. Walking around this natural oxygen bar, you can also enjoy the highest waterfall in the northern part of the Qinling Mountains.

In fall, you can enjoy the colorful leaves on Mount Cuihua. All kinds of seasonal fruit is also available. In winter, heavy snow covers the area. The ski resort in Cuihua Mountain is the only natural ski area in Xi’an as well as the biggest in Shaanxi Province, allowing around 1,000 people to ski at the same time.

How to Get Cuihua Mountain Scenic Area

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Independent Travel

  • From downtown Xi’an:
    Take bus No. 905 and get off at Cuihuashan Station.
  • From Xi’an Railway Station:
    Take bus No. 600 or 603 to TV Tower Station and then transfer to bus No. 905 to Cuihuashan station.
  • From Xi’an Airport:
    Take the shuttle bus to Xi’an Railway Station, then follow the above route.
    Xi’an Bus / Metro Search.

As the core scenic area is about 6 km (3.7 mi) from the entrance, tourists can either walk there or take a sightseeing car or mini bus. At present 3 routes are in service: entrance – Tianchi area; entrance – Yifangyuan area; entrance – skiing/grass skiing area.

  • Minibus Fare: 6 yuan per person per trip.
  • Sightseeing Car Fare: 20 yuan per person for a single trip.

 Useful Travel Tips

  • It’s cold in winter and you need to bring more clothes when climbing the mountain. Ski resort is the first choice in winter.
  • Please maintain public order and queue up to buy tickets. The tickets are counted and the errors are corrected on the spot. 1 person with 1 ticket, walking according to the line, and pay attention to safety.
  • Tickets sold are non-refundable, valid on the day and invalid afterwards. Free ticket holders please go to the visitor center with relevant documents.
  • The park is subject to the price approved by the pricing department. The price of peak season tickets (March ~ November) is 70 yuan per ticket, and the price of off-season tickets ( December ~February the next year) is 45 yuan per ticket. The parking fee is 25 yuan, more than 12 (including 12) vehicles are not allowed to go up the mountain.