Gaoguan Waterfall in Xian

Basic Introduction of Gaoguan Waterfall

Gaoguan Waterfall is situated in Gaoguan Valley in Guifeng Mountain, about 50km to Xi’an city. Gaoguan means “Tall Hat” in Chinese, which was named after the shape of the Mountain, because nearby mountain peak seems like a giant with a tall hat on. Because Gaoguan Mountain was pretty, it was a part of the royal garden called Linyuan and a scenic spot nearby capital city named Chang’an in Tang dynasty, Gaoguan Waterfall is the highlight of Gaoguan Mountain.

Gaoguan Waterfall scenic area has an abundance of both natural scenery and cultural sites. Gaoguan Pool, , Pigeon Pool, Cherry Blossom Pool, Boji Pool and Chexiang Pool, each with its distinguishing features, unique stones such as Fuxiu Stone and Toad Stone and caves including Niubi Cave, are beautiful and mysterious. 

History of Gaoguan Waterfall

Gaoguan Waterfall and Gaoguan Pool are famous waterfall and ancient pool in the history. During the Xizhou dynasty, it was the main source of water for Haojing — capital at that time. it was also part of the royal garden in the Qin and Han dynasties. In different historical periods, it has sometimes become a royal garden, and sometimes a good place for buddhist master practicing. In the past dynasties, the literati and poets came to this place to enjoy the scenery and recite poems in an endless stream, adding a lot of humanistic atmosphere to the waterfall.

The most famous is the great poet — Cen Shen in Tang dynasty forged an indissoluble bond with Gaoguan Waterfall. On the giant stone on the west bank of the waterfall is the sitting statue of the poet enjoying the cascading water. And there is the Mingdao Pavilion, built in memory of the neo-Confucianist, Cheng Mingdao, who had been here during his tenure as the local magistrate. Famous contemporary calligrapher, Ru Gui, wrote his “Gaoguan Waterfall” here. 

Status Quo of Gaoguan Waterfall

However, nowadays, due to the blowout development of tourism, hundreds of people pour into the city every holiday or weekend. The farmhouse music in the scenic area directly builds the awning on the upstream and downstream flat water surface of the waterfall. Food residues and garbage are dumped into the water at will, and the ecological environment of the waterfall is seriously damaged. Relevant units are strengthening protection and governance.

How to Get to Gaoguan Waterfall

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Bus Routes: Take bus No. 921, 916

Useful Travel Tips

  • The pool is very deep. Please pay attention to your safety. Don’t play by the water.
  • It is very cold in winter, please bring warm clothes, and it is recommended to travel in spring, summer and autumn.
  • Children must be accompanied by their parents on the tour.
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