Yabuli International Ski Resort in Harbin

Why is Yabuli International Ski Resort So Special?

The Yabuli International Ski Resort is the biggest and best ski resort in China. It is one of the most popular ski resorts in China with the Asian longest ski trail and full professional equipment and multiple items to provide a wonderful snow world for skiing likers in winter. Equipped with the longest ski trail in Asia, Yabuli Ski Resort is becoming more and more popular among ski amateurs and professional skiers from home and abroad. This great skiing place was exploited in 1974 and gained its heat after holding the Asian Olympic Games in 1996 there. 

Where is Yabuli International Ski Resort?

Yabuli International Ski Resort is located about 220 km southeast from Harbin city, and about 228 km from Harbin Railway Station. The nearest airport to the resort is Harbin Taiping International Airport.

How to Get to Yabuli International Ski Resort?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

If visitors want to rent a car, the drive from Harbin Airport is about 230 kilometers, or a 3-hour drive, roughly. There are of course tourist buses that run to and from the ski resort from the city of Harbin. These can be caught at Harbin’s from Longyun Bus Station.

There is Harbin-Yabuli train: K7047 from Harbin to Yabuli South. It departs Harbin at 07: 34 and takes 3 hours to Yabuli. Hard seat ticket: 33 yuan. Soft seat ticket: 50 yuan.

Things to Do in Yabuli International Ski Resort

World’s First Alpine Slide

This slide way is situated at the Third Guokui Mountain (三锅盔山). With the full length of 2868.68 m, it is the world longest slide way and listed into the Guinness Record. Not only for the bold people, in Yabuli Ski Resort, there are small pulleys for kids and the elders who can drive it slower and enjoy along the whole way.

The Leisure Skiing Section

For the leisure skiing section, the highest altitude is only about 1,000 meters (approx. 3,281 feet), and the area provides a comparatively safe environment for leisure skiing. There is also a German built slide where tourists can enjoy sliding down from the top of the snowy mountain. Doing skiing on the slide is easy and safe.


Be equipped with the wheel like the tracks of a tank, the mobile is safer. So you can learn it to drive on the soft snow field. If you are long professional player, enjoy yourself galloping on the wide white area.

Useful Travel Tips

1. Don’t worry about the lodgings. There are modern lodgings in variety of price. And there also are youth hostels popular with students.

2.Visitors can explore the forests of the Changbai Mountain Range where they will surely run across squirrels, hares and pheasants, as well as a plethora of birds of all types of feathers.

3. The skiing season at Yabuli Ski Resort begins in mid-November and runs until the end of March.

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