Sun Island (Tai Yang Dao) in Harbin

Why is Sun Island So Special?

The Sun Island Scenic Area is a famous summer resort in China as well as a featured river floodplain wetland grassland-type scenic spot. Also, it is the permanent site for the Snow Sculpture Exposition, one of the key activities for Harbin Ice Festival happens from every Jan.5th to the end of February. This natural island is the biggest recreational center in Harbin and as such can be widely welcome in the summer months and during the ice festival. In summer, the island serves as a natural river beach swimming resort and sanatorium area. The island boasts several fine beaches on either bank, a profusion of lakes for boating,swimming pools, sunbathing facilities and so on.

Where is Sun Island?

Being famous both home and abroad, the Sun Island Scenic Area lies on the north bank of the Songhua River in Harbin City. The island lies about 10 km from Harbin Railway Station, about 10 km from Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin.

How to Get to Sun Island?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

take trolley-buses No.101, 102 and 103 or buses No.13 and 79, and then transfer to cruise line to the park; or take the through tourist buses at the Youyi Road (Chinese:友谊路).

Main Attractions in Sun Island

Flower Garden

The Flower Garden near the Sun Gate is divided into twelve parts according to the signs of the zodiac. Walking clockwise from north to south, every visitor can find out his own constellation in the garden.

Ice Sculpture Garden

The island in winter is just a fairy world all covered by snow, and the Snow Sculpture Exposition offered marvelous and magnificent ice art and snow sculptures. The Snow Sculpture Exposition, the birthplace of China’s ice and snow sculptures, together with the Ice Lantern Garden held in Zhaolin Park, the Great Snow and Ice World by the Songhua River, and the Large-scale Ice Sculpture Exhibition in Stalin Park, belong to the world famed Harbin Ice Festival that held annually from Jan.5th to the end of February.

Squirrel Island

Squirrel island covers an area of about 24000 square meters. It is located in the north of the causeway of Sun Island Scenic Area, surrounded by water. It is composed of three islets. The islets are connected by wooden trestles. Glass walls are set around to prevent squirrels from escaping. There are plenty of trees on the island. Some trees build wooden squirrel nests, which are used for squirrel habitat. 

Useful Travel Tips

  1. The temperature in winter in Harbin is freezing, warm clothes are necessary.
  2. Ticket price of Sun Island Scenic Spot in summer, 30 yuan / person for adult and 15 yuan / person for children.

Nearby Attractions

Edited by Emily Wang/王海玲