Chongqing Kingrun Nanshan Golf Club

KingRun Nanshan Golf Club(庆隆南山高尔夫球会) provides an excellent 18-hole golf course in the Southwest region of China (South Shore of ChongQing). Located at eastern slope of Nanshan in Chongqing, you will find placid and magnificent mountain view throughout every single “Hole” of the Course. With her 7300 yards in length, Nanshan  promises every wish of golfers fulfilling their dreams of playing playing good golfers as well as creating friendship on course.

The swirling mountain breeze, challenging putting greens, undulating fairways, battling bunkers and strategic dog-legs designed holes, you will find your game of Golf is most enjoyable and satisfying at Nanshan.

Designed and supervised by the legendary Jack Nicklaus and his reputed “Golder Bear” Design Team, we are presenting the World Class Championship Course in this region. Jack Nicklaus nicknamed “Golder Bear” is the World most successful golfer play as well course designer. He is widely regarded as the greatest professional golfer of all time, winning a total of 18 major championships over a span of 25 years.

ClubHouse is fabulous. Masterminded and designed by American reputed WATG in 2004, it holds over 12000 sq meters of Services areas fully equipped facilities : full-menu restaurants, spacious hallway, multi-functioned hall with capacity of 300 guests, 20 VIP  rooms, Golf Proshop, men and ladies Locker-rooms, exclusive VIP and members lounges and European style common areas.

Hole Descriptions

HOLE #1 – Par 4 – 372 Yard

This medium length opening hole can be easily played with a 3 wood or Driver teeing off the tee, and still leaving only a short iron into the elevated green. Fairway and greenside bunkers will require some accuracy in order to be avoided, but smart players will prevail. There is no need to try to overpower this opening hole, and accuracy will be rewarded. This very simple and friendly green should not result in 3 putts.

HOLE #2 – Par 3 – 192 Yard

This is a good hole to watch barges of all sizes go by, that run up and down the beautiful fairway. Challenging first Par 3 with a bit chance of having trouble. Believe the scorecard yardage though, as the Tee shot may just short of the green . Going long to the left, as this may help landing on a very safe spot to chip back up onto the green.

HOLE #3 – Par 4 – 328 Yard

Depending on the wind direction, this is the hole where golfers have to make a decision on how much of the wide fairway they want to try to carry. Trying to bite off too much will result in a lost ball on the right , and playing too timidly will mean having another long iron shot into this uphill green. Careless drives could also find a couple of bunkers on the left side of the landing area too. Be careful of any right side bunkers around the green

HOLE #4 – Par 5 – 532 Yard

This straight fairway but dog-leg green Par 5 plays between rows of trees on the right and beautiful villa on the right side that formed the corridor for this hole. There is plenty of room for the Tee-shot, but wild shots to the right will result in deep bunkers. The green can be reached in 3 shots, but water in front must be avoided in the landing area before the green. There are some interesting contours in this putting surface, and getting on the wrong side of the pin could end up in 3 putts very easily. A wedge is a good decision.少

HOLE #5 – Par 4 – 385 Yard

Not a terribly lengthy hole for the front nine, but if you let down your guard, a big number could quickly appear on the scorecard. There are inviting fairway on this hole, landing area is friendly. Right approaching the green is critical, most shots into this green should be with medium irons or even fairway wood could be applied and precision will be rewarded. This green has some very challenging pin positions. If you have a successful landing on the green crossing a 20 meter wide creek from the distance of 180 yard away and you will find putting achievable.

HOLE #6 – Par 4 – 419 Yard

This is where the golf course starts to become a little more demanding. Golfers can blast away off this high-land tee position. The second shot needs to be precise and the correct club, which for most people will be a long iron or fairway wood. The green is well bunkered on the right and there are the deep, closely mown chipping areas surrounding this green. Play for the center of the green, and don’t get greedy on this hole with water-front on the left.

HOLE #7 – Par 3 – 127 Yard

The most Hole-in-one hole of Nanshan Golf Club currently. A very picturesque uphill Par 3, with wild flower filling up the front end of the green. Depending on the wind direction, the club selection on this hole could vary drastically. This undulating green provides plenty of pin positions, and most balls will feed toward a far left back pin. A right Club selection will be very satisfying achieving a birdie chance.

HOLE #8 – Par 5 – 497 Yard

Another straight away Par 5 that follows the river edge at the front End of the Tee-box, this time down the right side though. It is far enough away that it really shouldn’t come into play though. Everyone can take 2 big rips at the ball here, as the fairway has lots of room at both landing areas especially for the second shot. Pretty easy green with high mountain at the backgrounds well. Pars will be for everyone here.

HOLE #9 – Par 4 – 432 Yard

This hole favours a straight tee-shot off the tee. A bit uphill in design carrying the beautiful fairway, as this will result in a mid-range iron, or 5-wood into the green. Draws, they may find the fairway could still have 200m to the green. A few bunkers around this hole, giving you a tight warning for your landing shot. But its long-range accurate approaching shot execution will be the deciding factor in your score. Fairly simple green should be easy to putt to secure a Par.

HOLE #10 – Par 4 – 408 Yard

Similar to the Hole #1, opening hole of the back nine could be trouble if your ball tends to go right. Original design of the fairway is very approachable. A short iron shot into the green is very possible ensuring a 2 on situation. Not too much trouble-making from the fairway bunkers will make pars very easy to achieve though putting green is a bit narrow when attacking.

HOLE #11 – Par 3 – 169 Yard

The moderate Par 3 may also be the most inspiring with water separating the Tee areas and the landing section of the green. Missing the green left will result in difficult saving shot from bunkers。 The far right side of the green is trouble. Deep down to the left is possible chipping areas. There will be some golfers who hit it back and forth over this green which is quite sloping in nature.

HOLE #12 – Par 4 – 296 Yard

A well positioned tee shot on fairway is a must, as this is one of the most difficult, interesting hole. Well bunkered greens on the golf course. The hole is not very long, but an accurate shot landing at the middle of the into the green is required for a chance at par. Please don’t even be think about aiming at the far right pin, as only Colin has this shot. Middle of the green will usually end up with 2 putts. Be careful the little pond on the right !

HOLE #13 – Par 5 – 497 Yard

The first Par 5 in Back Nine might be the chance at a birdie in the round. It is reachable in 2 if not playing into the wind, and please watch out for the landing areas on green. Mounted at the middle in front of the green, they are little room for landing. This smallish green has a couple of challenging pin positions, should you need to know when to attack and when to play smart and safe. This hole should yield many par chance.

HOLE #14 – Par 4 – 417 Yard

This is not quite a tough driving hole on the back nine, with bunkers down the entire left side and water at the right hand side all the way to the green with a creek cutting through to the left side of the green. Driver  off the tee should keep most golfers safe and dry. Critical second shot approaching the green which is hiding at the left corner of the fairway ending. This hole does allow for the bump and run option in, which on windy days is likely the best shot.

HOLE #15 – Par 4 – 366 Yard

This hole is fairly straightforward, and medium length. With water down the entire right side, slicers may find this hole difficult. Other than that there are only a few bunkers to avoid on the right side. The green though is not large at all, undulating at the high side and there is some very large rolls in this green. Even the saving bunker at the right back side, this is not a present situation as it is quite deep to put it back on green. Wrong club selection could easily result in 3 putts to finish.

HOLE #16 – Par 4 – 401 Yard

A mild dog-leg hole to the right. Don’t get spoiled by the wide fairway as the awaiting bunkers on the left side are not as friendly. Driver is quite possible to get you closer to the second shot. Be brave to make shot to the green, just watching out not be over to the right side. Mid handicappers should try to land your green approaching shot to the left. A par is not difficult in this hole.

HOLE #17– Par 3- 163 Yard

The medium length Par 3 shouldn’t be too troublesome if you just play for the middle of the green. Don’t get too tempted to fire at the right green positions, because a missing hit will find sand or deep rough. Play for the middle, 2 putt and move on to the Final #18. Watch out for the direction of winds, this advice may help selecting a right club.

HOLE #18 – Par 5 – 546 Yard

Not really the Par 5 that you should expect to make a birdie on. This fairly long hole has bunkers all over on fairway and in front of the green, so errant long woods or irons could get trouble on the right which is the OB boundary. There is lots of room in front and left, so the smart play is on in 3 and 2 putt for par. Fairly easy green with no difficult slopes. There is plenty of room off the tee and in the second landing areas.

Chinese Name:庆隆南山高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:重庆南岸区茶园新区玉马路1号