Longyan Yunding Golf Village Club

Longyan Yunding Golf Village Club(福建龙岩云顶乡村俱乐部) is located in the north of Xiaochi Town, Xinluo District, Longyan(龙岩)and the Yunding Service Area go Longchang Expressway is under construction. It’s 12 km away from Longyan West Exit, about 5 km from Xiaochi Town and 25 km from Longyan (龙岩). Xiamen(厦门), Zhangzhou(漳州), Sanming(三明) and Meizhou(梅州) are all within 2 hours’ drive.

The transportation is convenient. The Xiarong Expressway and Yongwu Expressway have been opened, and part of Shuangyong Expressway have been opened. The Longxia high-speed railway will also be opened in 2011, and the Shenzhen-Xiamen Expressway will be opened in 2010. In addition, the high-speed railway from Hangzhou to Guangzhou, which contribute to the economy of Longyan(龙岩).

Genting Country Club is the first golf course in Longyan(龙岩), the international championship course designed by famous designer C.J.TAM is also the most distinctive and challenging mountain course in east China. Only nine holes are openin now.

Genting Club is located in the south of Meihua Mountain(黄连盂雄峰) in the superior Tropic of Cancer in China, the altitude is 800 meters. The north is the highest peak of 1818 meters in the western Fujian(福建). The course is built around the mountain, with rolling terrain and huge fairway drop, which is dangerous but spectacular.

The course pursues the original, with its majestic natural environment, it fully shows her pure, nature and feeling. A hole a mountain, a new interpretation of the golf.

The fairway layout is reasonable, smooth and challenging, meeting different levels of golfer. To make every golfer enjoy the meadow, fresh air and sunshine here, swing in the embrace of nature, cultivate their temperament and show their life style.

Chinese Name:福建龙岩云顶高尔夫乡村球会 (9洞)
Chinese Address:福建龙岩市新罗区小池镇北部
Translated by Yang Yushan/杨羽珊