Bashkelam Orchard in Kashgar

Why is Bashkelam Orchard So Special?

In spring, thousands fruit trees are in full bloom, and in autumn, when the trees bear fruits, you can taste various sweet and flavorful fruits. Fruits produced from this orchard are best in Kashi.

Where is Bashkelam Orchard

Bashkelam Orchard Located in Bashakelam Township 14 kilometers to the northeast of Kashi City, covering an area of over 70 mu, the Bashkeleam Orchard is planted with a great variety of melons and fruits and produces fresh fruits all the year round.

Main Attraction of Bashkelam Orchard

In the golden autumn of September, glittering and translucent grapes are hung under the grape trellis. Red pomegranates are heavily hung on the branches in the pomegranate garden. Laughter and laughter are heard from the orchard. Nowadays, fields are not only a channel for farmers to harvest, but also a small scenic spot to develop rural tourism. The harvest season is the rural tourism season.

Different from the traditional sales methods in the past, every grape has a two-dimensional code attached to its shelf. No matter you are far away in the north or in Xinjiang, as long as you scan the two-dimensional code and pay with your fingers, you will receive natural pollution-free grapes from Kashgar, Xinjiang with the taste of sunshine.

During the National Day, Pomegranate Harvesting Festival will be held in Boshkaranmu Township. Almost all of the villagers’ own wisdom was used in this exhibition for the picking festival. They are both designers and craftsmen. Some villagers spent their time and energy to make a huge wooden ferris wheel, standing in the pomegranate forest. Some villagers are pasting stones on the wall of the newly built house. These ordinary stones are endowed with emotion and temperature, decorating the whole house and artistic the earth and their countryside. The “tourism plus” model is more and more popular with farmers. They know that beautiful villages are like sycamore trees, which will attract more golden phoenix.

Best Time to Travel Bashkelam Orchard

The best time to visit is in autumn.

Kashgar region is located in the middle of Central Asia, restricted by geographical environment, and belongs to the arid climate region of warm temperate continental. The region has four distinct seasons, long illumination time, large annual and daily temperature changes, less rainfall and large evaporation. Fruits in orchards are mainly harvested in autumn, which is a good time to visit orchards.

How to Get There

  • Self driving
    Boshkranmu Township is located in the eastern part of Kashgar City, 12 kilometers away from Kashgar City. It takes about half an hour to drive there.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Many of Xinjiang’s restaurants are halal, so friends who drink or smoke should pay attention in advance and ask the merchants in advance.
  • All kinds of dried fruits can be properly purchased, and many businesses are equipped with express delivery service to ship directly to

  • Tourists arriving in Xinjiang are eager to buy souvenirs and suggest buying souvenirs in the few days when the tour is coming to an end.

  • If you just go shopping in Xinjiang, large and small items will cause a lot of trouble for the journey in the next few days.

Nearby Attractions

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