Kashgar Culture

Kashgar is a city with a long history and profound culture. Thousand of years‘ accumulation ancient culture, the inheritance of cultural heritage essence, and all previous dynasties people's hard work brought charm to the prefecture.

The prefecture witnessed the glorious history of flourishing literature and art development, the developed handicraft industry, the achievements of special pottery and bronze, etc. The local popular Mukam music was spread over widely. With a history of more than 300 years, Mukam is heart-shaking no matter in the representation of music or the dance performance form on stage. It has become a kind of classic.

 A great number of Uyghur live there. They believe in Islam so they have different customs. The city is full of Uyghur styles, and you could feel in diverse aspects like the architecture and people’ clothing.

In addition to Uyghur nationality, there are other nationalities as well. Until 2003, 31 nationalities settle there, such as Uyghur, Han, Hui, the Tajik nationality, Hazak, the Mongol nationality, etc.

For people there, they have different eating habits from those in other places in China. Wheaten food is their staple food. Their daily food or dishes are baked Nang, Lamian noodles, hand grasping rice, steamed stuffed buns, etc. People there like beef and mutton. Fruits and melons are indispensable products for them.