Kashgar Shopping

The crafts of Kashgar Prefecture are famous, because they have not only various categories but also unique ethnic characteristics. Such as nice and comfortable carpets, a great variety of multi-color caps, the earth pottery of primitive simplicity and elegance, finely crafted jewelry, the exquisite Yengisar knifes, luxuriant bright silk, economical and practical prints, and various ethnic Musical Instruments, etc., those are all favored by Chinese and foreign tourists travelling to Kashgar. Here are some further details about specialties you could buy and shopping places you could shop around.

What to Buy in Kashgar 

Yengisar Knifes

Yengisar knifes are handicrafts Uyghur nationality of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with strong Uygur ethnic features.
They have good looking as well as practical function.


Carpets are traditional Kashgar handicrafts, and they are famous for skilled craft and distinctive styles. Kashgar carpets enjoy a great variety of categories with large diversity of patterns. The pure handmade carpets are quite valuable and expensive.

Badam (almonds)

It has other nicknames like partial peach. Many countries in the world call it almond. Badam almond is a traditional Uighur fitness tonic, and some people chew several before going to sleep per day. The almonds of Kashgar have the features of high containing of carbohydrateand oil, and sweet and tasty flavor.

Yengisar Apricots

Semaiti apricots are one of the specialties of Yengisar county, and it is known as “home of Semaiti apricots”. Semaiti apricots get the name from the category of “Semaiti” which is thought being introduced from west Asia.

Ga’er Pomegranates

The pomegranates there are characterized by biscuit size, delicious, juicy and sweet taste.

Where to Buy in Kashgar 

Kashgar Grand Bazaar

It is located in east gate of Kashgar and is known as an international trade market in northwestern China. The bazaar has a long history of more than two thousand years. There are more than 5,000 booths offering hundreds of thousands of products.

Yarkant Grand Bazaar

It is located in 50 meters east of the intersection of Qiasu Road and Old City road in Yarkant county. It is a bazaar that shows the features of local people and you could buy various special souvenirs there.

Huanjiang New world Department Store

It is located in south of the intersection of Renmin West Road and Keziduwei Road. The department store offers a variety of products.

Zhengda Shopping Center

It is located on No.7 Renmin West Road. The center sells all kinds of local specialties and daily products.

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