Kashgar Dining

You will never need to worry about food in any tourist destinations in China because each place has its own special food. And as the time goes by, food travels as well so its common that when in the most western places you could eat food from the eastern places. Similarly, you could eat dishes or snacks of the most northern places in the most southern places. In Kashgar, you could eat the most authentic local snacks and dishes, and you could eat those from other places as well. Here is some of them for you to refer to when you visit there.

What to Eat in Kashgar 

  • Grilled Fish (烤鱼): It is a traditional snack in Kashgar, especially the grilled fish of Bachu county.
  • Mutton Shashlik (烤羊肉串): It is a popular snack in places of Xinjiang. When you walk on the street, you must can see lots of places selling it.
  • Naan (馕): It the most common food of Uyghur nationality and it’s just important like rice for people in southern China.
  • Baked Steamed Buns (烤包子): The reason why the snack is different from those in other places is that the Baozi there is baked in Nang pits which other places use little.
  • Lamian Noodles (拉面): It is called Latiaozi by local people as well. It is a popular local food.
  • Baked Meat (馕坑烤肉): The meat here mainly refers to mutton. People baked fresh mutton in Nang pits until they get nice golden color. It’s nice-smelling and delicious.
  • Ququ (曲曲): It is similar to the wonton of Han nationality. In Kashgar, it is a traditional Uyghur snack, with original and fresh mutton soup added.

Where to Eat in Kashgar 

It’s easy for visitors to find restaurants in Kashgar, and here are some of them that get recommendation from those who have been to Kashgar.

Mukam Fast Food Canteen (木卡姆快餐厅)

Located on the second floor of Zidong Building of No.193 Keziduwei Road, it offers local dishes and snacks.

Jin’ao’erdayinshi Restaurant (金噢尔达饮食)

Located on Renmin WEst Road, it offers authentic local dishes and snacks and gets good comments from customers.

Xunyangpinwei Canteen (寻羊品味餐厅)

Located on Tourist Products Commercial Street of Qishing Square, it mainly offers mutton-based food.

Xifanaiyou Ice Cream (希发奶油冰淇淋)

Located 200 meters left of Id Kah Mosque, the shop offers different ice cream there.

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