Kashgar Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • City Code: 0998
  • Zip code: 844000
  • Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110
  • Emergency Center: 0999-8036721
  • Tourist Complaint: :0998-2830551
  • Kashgar Railway Station: 56372226

Post Offices

  • Kashgar Prefecture Post Office: No. 40 Renmin West Road
  • Great Wall Post Office: No.52 Street Yawage Road
  • Central and Western Asia Post Office: Central and Western Asia Market
  • Semanlu Post Office: No.400 Seman Road

Tourism Information

Kashgar Prefecture Administration
Add: No.46 Jiefang North Road
Tel: 0998-2831600; 0988-2822173

Medical Service

  • Kashgar People's Hospital
    Add: No.5 Jiankang Road
    Tel: 0998-2822988
  • First People's Hospital of Kashgar Prefecture
    Add: No.66 Airport
    Tel: 0998-2962265
  • First People's Hospital of Kashgar Prefecture
    Add: No. Jiefang South Road
    Tel: 0998-2523862


Kashgar sees large day and night temperature differences. The mean temperature of day and night in summers is respectively 30 ℃ and 17 ℃. For autumns, it is 27 ℃ and 13 ℃. Therefore, take suitable clothes with you.

For those who might visit Lake Karakuri, Muztagh Ata Peak or Khunjerab Pass, even in summers the temperature of night could drop below zero.


For those who would like other have self-driving tour, you would see large areas of Gobi deserts in some places, which may affect your concentration. So please be aware of fatigue driving.

Please pay much attention to the traffic signs beside roads during your driving and turn on driving lights at night in case of being fined.


Because of the longitude, Kashgar is 2 hours time difference with Beijing. So you need to adjust the jet lag.


In Kashgar city and some counties, network works. Most fancy hotels can provide Internet access. But in some scenic spots, some small places or remote areas, Internet access might be unavailable.


While visiting somewhere (such as temples and mosques), please notice the signs. Usually, pictures taking is forbidden in temples and mosques. And in some places, there would be signs tell you to pay after taking photos.

Take care of your belongings while in crowded places like bazaars.