Xingdao Lake, Beihai, Guangxi

Xingdao Lake

Xingdao Lake located in the Hongchaojiang Reservoir 24km northwest of Hepu County, Xingdao Lake is famous for a total of 1026 big and small islands looking like many resplendent stars scattered in the blue lake, thus getting its name Xingdao Lake. The climate here is very comfortable and tourists can see the blue water wind around the green mountains and the scenery is charming.

Main Attractions of Mountain Resort and Its Outlying Temples

The development and construction of Xingdao Lake tourist area is divided into 11 functional areas in the overall planning, such as fishing area, water sports area, water maze area, film and Television City, Phoenix animal watching area, holiday area, ecological environment protection area and agricultural production base.

Water Margin City

“Water Margin city” is the location shooting base of CCTV’s large-scale TV series “Water Margin”. The whole construction base is about 11.7 hectares, divided into two major scenic spots. In the East scenic area, there are “Paoma road”, “Liangshan Shuizhai”, “Zhongyi hall”, “Duanjin Pavilion”, “Liangshan Houzhai” and “Wutaishan Wenshuyuan”.

How to Get to Xingdao Lake?

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Independent Travel

Self Driving Route

Beihai City – Yingbin Avenue – North South Expressway – Xingdao Lake exit – destination.


Take the quick regular bus to Hepu County from Beihai Bus Station (fare is CNY 5) then take the motorbike to Hepu Cinema where there is a tour bus from Hepu Bus Station leaving once every 40 minutes between 7:00 – 16:40 for Xingdao Lake. At 17:40 the last bus returns to Hepu from Xingdao Lake and costs CNY 3. The bus returning to Beihai from Hepu Bus Station departs every 10 minutes between 6:30 – 21:00 with a fare of CNY 5.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Fee

Tour on the boat costs CNY 10; the east section costs CNY 10 and the west section costs CNY 8.

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