Beihai Climate

Beihai, a prefecture-level city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located at the southern end of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and on the northeastern coast of Beilu Gulf. It is 206 kilometers away from Nanning in the northwest, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 198 kilometers away from ZhanjiangGuangdong in the east, and 147 nautical miles from HaikouHainan in the southeast. It is a hub city connecting the southwest of China to Southeast Asia while lying adjacent to GuangdongHainanHong KongMacau and Vietnam due to the advantageous position of Beihai City. 

The climate of Beihai City is a oceanic monsoon climate with typical subtropical characteristics. The winter half year (October to March of the next year) is mainly controlled by the northerly wind, and the summer half year (April-September) is mainly affected by tropical high pressure, strong wind and southerly wind. Beihai City has no frost days in entire winter and no extremely hot days in summer with the abundant sunshine and rainfall. In other words, there are no winters and no hot summers.

Temperature and Precipitation in Beihai

The average temperature in Beihai is 23°C annually, with the highest temperature of 38°C and lowest temperature of 5°C. That is to say, there are no frost days in winter and no extremely hot days in summer. The sunshine amount is around 2009 hours and precipitation is around 1,700 mm each year. 

Best Time to Visit

If you plan to travel to Beihai, taking a holiday on the seaside is the best choice. The best time to visit Beihai City is from April to November and the sunlight is sufficient during the period. Beihai City enjoys the sunny days with the tender breeze, fresh air and cool temperature during the period, and it is suggested that you'd better put on the sandal or slipper when you come to the seaside. In winter, the rainfalls reduce a lot, which is regarded as the coldest and driest season of the year in Beihai. Thus it is not suitable for visiting and also for eating the seafood.

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