Beihai Dining

Beihai cuisine shares many similarities with that of Cantonese cuisine. It is particular about the freshness, tenderness and the nourishment of the dishes. Most tourists are much fonder of the special snacks, which are also popular among the locals. China Tours will introduce the main special local snacks for your reference.

What to Eat in Beihai


The sea in Beihai City refers to the Beibu Gulf and is one of the four major fishing grounds in China. Beihai is a good place to eat seafood with a full range of seafood and at low prices. In terms of seafood, you can find everything you want to eat, such as, grouper, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, sandworm, sea crab, spiral shell. In which, the popular dishes are steamed sand worms with garlic, steamed sea bass, and fried sea crabs.

Shrimp Cake(虾饼)

Shrimp cakes can be found everywhere on the snack street in Beihai City. It has been around for more than 200 years as a common pastry. Yuan Mei, a writer of the Qing Dynasty, wrote in "The Garden Food List" the cooking method "mix shrimp with onion, salt, pepper, sweet wine, water and powder, and fry it with sesame oil". The shrimp cake is golden in color and delicious.

Crab Noodles(蟹仔粉)

Crab Noodles are a famous snack in Vietnam. In general, every person there can make the crab noodles. In the Beihai Qiaogang Style Street, this delicious dish can be seen everywhere. When making, tomatoes are added to the soup, which can make it more delicious.

Fried Green Beans with Sand Crab Juice(沙蟹汁炒豆角)

Fried green beans with sand crab juice is a famous traditional dish in Beihai, and have been excavated by "A Bite of China 2". Select the sand crab juice, the specialty in Beihai City, to fry with green beans without adding seasoning, and you can taste the delicious food.

Sweet Water(糖水)

The sweet water is a major feature of the Beihai dining culture. It is very easy to find the sweet water with all kinds of flavors, which is often used herbs and cereals, such as chestnut, longan, mung bean rice sweet water. In winter, you can choose hot drinks to warm up, and you can choose to drink cold drinks in summer.

Vietnam Noodles(越南卷粉)

It is said to be a special snack brought back by the locals from Vietnam. After the changes of generations, it has more Beihai characteristics. The volume of Vietnam noodles are very small. If you want to eat enough, you must eat a lot of noodles. Therefore, the locals generally have it as breakfast. The raw material for Vietnam noodles is rice noodles. This rice noodles are made by grinding with rice and water, and then steamed for one hour. What's more, you can add chicken, eggs, mushrooms, chopped green onion, etc. into your noodles according to your own taste.

Where to Eat in Beihai

Niuxilie Speciality Restaurant(牛系列特色餐馆)

Add: No. 22 Yunnan Road(云南路22号)

Rongfu Zhenqi Seafood Restaurant(荣府蒸汽海鲜坊

Add: No. 14 of Yigang, B Area of Shengang Garden, Chongqing Road(重庆路深港花园B区1港14号)

Tenglong Seafood Plaza(腾龙海鲜美食城)

Add: Next to Nanyang International Grand Hotel, the Intersection of Beihai Avenue and Anle Road, Haicheng District, Beihai City(北海市海城区北海大道与安乐路交叉处南洋国际大酒店旁边)

Haoshilai Seafood Restaurant(好食来海鲜小排档)

Add: No. 178 Gangkou Road, Qiangang Town(侨港镇港口路178号)

Mingji Seafood Cuisine(明记海鲜美食)

Add: No. 1 North Shanghai Road(the opposite of Hounianwan)(上海北路1号(候鸟湾对面))

Gangchao Private Home Cuisine Food Restaurant(港潮私房菜)

Add: Next to Beihai Jinchang Kaiyuan Mingdu Grand Hotel, Jinhaian Avenue, Yinhai District, Beihai City(北海市银海区金海岸大道北海金昌开元名都大酒店旁)

Qiaoyue Noodles Restaurant(侨越卷粉店)

Add: Diagonally opposite to Building 24 Feiqing Style Street, Qiaogang Town, Yinhai District, Beihai City(北海市银海区侨港镇风情街24栋糖水斜对面)

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