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Beihai, as a popular tourist destination at home and abroad, has a full variety of tourist souvenirs and special local products. Its urban area is praised as a shopping paradise for every visitor, with a great many commercial centers and shopping centers. In the following, China Tours will introduce the representative souvenirs and tell you where to buy these things.

What to Buy in Beihai

Xiangshan Jizui Litchi(香山鸡嘴荔枝)

Xiangshan Jizui litchi is produced in Xiangshan Village, Gongguan Town, Hepu County, Guangxi, and is named after the fruit's core is degenerated into the shape of chicken mouth. By the beginning of the 21st century, there have been more than three hundred years of cultivation history. In the early 1950s, it was sent to Chairman Mao Zedong for tasting and was praised by the Secretariat of the Central Office. In 1995, Xiangshan Jizui Litchi won the gold medal at the 2nd China Agricultural Expo, which has great development value and market prospects.

Hepu Big Mooncake(合浦大月饼)

Hepu big mooncake is known as its weight. In general, the weight is more than 0.5 kilograms. Of course, it is also common for the mooncakes whose weights are more than 3-4 kilograms. The stuffing is based on the traditional Wuren mooncake. The Wuren stuffing is evenly covered with the specially processed pork slices and chicken slices, which is different from the traditional pork roast mooncake, with beautiful shape and delicious taste.


Sandworm, also known as sipunculus nudus, is like an intestine. The thickness is generally 5-8 mm and the length is generally 5-10 cm. It is rich in protein and tastes especially delicious. It has the effect of lowering blood pressure, moisturizing and preventing cancer.

Sea Duck Egg(海鸭蛋)

Sea duck eggs, as the name suggests, are eggs produced by sea ducks. Sea ducks generally inhabit mangrove forest, while Beihai has a mangrove ecological nature reserve, which naturally becomes a paradise for sea ducks. After ebbing every time, the beach will always have a lot of small fish, small shrimps, small crabs, small snails and other marine creatures. These baits have become a delicious meal of sea ducks, making the sea ducks more fat. The nutritional value of sea duck eggs is relatively high, and it is good to take some back to the old people as a special product.


Beihai is located on the northeastern shore of Beibu Gulf and is rich in marine resources. Pearl is also one of the famous specialties in Beihai. The clean high-quality water, rich inorganic salts, plankton and mild climatic conditions of Beihai make the quality of the pearls stable. It can be a good gift for friends and relatives as a special gift.

Marine Fish(海产鱼)

Marine fish is also one of the specialties of Beihai. When you travel, you may think of bringing some local food back. However, it is not convenient to carry the fresh marine fish. In fact, you can choose fish snacks made from marine fish. It tastes crispy and delicious, and it has a closed package, which can be brought back to let friends and families taste it.

Sand Crab(沙蟹汁)

Sand crab juice is a kind of juice made from sand crab. It is a kind of sauce commonly eaten by the people lived in Beihai. It is a good match to drink porridge and eat white-cut chicken. However, its astringency is relatively strong, and some people may not like it.

Where to Buy in Beihai

1. Supermarket/Shopping Mall

Many supermarkets serve the area of Beihai, such as the RT-Market(Haicheng) at the Intersection of Beihai Avenue and Beijing Road, Haicheng District, Beihai City. 

2. Guotong Shopping Center

You can find almost everything you need in various shops along Guotong Shopping Center, ranging from large shopping malls to small street vendors.

3. Exclusive Shop

In Beihai, there are many exclusive shops for local products, such as the Yujia Local Products Shop at around No. 5 Chating Road, Beihai City.

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