Beihai Administrative Divisions

As of July 2018, Beihai City has jurisdiction over Haicheng District, Yinhai District, Tieshangang District and Hepu County, with a total of 23 townships, 7 subdistricts, 341 villages and 86 communities. The Beihai Municipal People's Government is located at No. 2 Donger Alley, Haicheng District.

Administrative Division Seat of Government Areas under Jurisdiction 
Haicheng District(海城区) Zhongjie Subdistrict Weizhou Town(涠洲镇), Gaode Subdistrict(高德街道), Yima(驿马街道), Dongjie(东街街道), Xijie(西街街道), Haijiao(海角街道), Dijiao(地角街道), Zhongjie Subdistrict(中街街道)
Yinhai District(银海区) Northeast Corner of Guangdong Road and Xinshiji Avenue Fucheng Town(福成镇), Pingyang Town(平阳镇), Qiaogang Town(侨港镇), Yintan Town(银滩镇)
Tieshangang District(铁山港区) Nankang Town Nankang Town(南康镇), Yingpan Town(营盘镇), Xinggang Town(兴港镇)
Hepu County(合浦县) No. 81 Gongyuan Road, Lianzhou Town Lianzhou Town(廉州镇), Dangjiang Town(党江镇), Shagang Town(沙岗镇), Xiyang Town(西场镇), Wujia Town(乌家镇), Shiwan Town(石湾镇), Shikang Town(石康镇), Changle Town(常乐镇), Zhakou Town(闸口镇), Gongguan Town(公馆镇), Baisha Town(白沙镇), Shankou Town(山口镇), Shatian Town(沙田镇), Quzhang Township(曲樟乡), Xingdaohu Township(星岛湖乡)

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