Beihai Travel Tips

1. Useful Numbers

  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance:120
  • Traffic Accident: 122
  • Consumers' Complaint: 12315
  • Yinhai Public Security Branch: 3217099
  • Tieshangang Public Security Branch: 2092751
  • Haicheng Public Security Branch: 2091528-3034581
  • Ticket Office in Beihai of Southern Airlines: 3086666
  • Information Office of Beihai Railway Station: 2208373 
  • Beihai Business Office of Nanning Railway Branch: 3033200

2. Post Offices

Qiaogang Post Office

Add: No. 109 Gangkou Road, Yinhai District, Beihai City(北海市银海区港口路109号)

Branch Post Office in Chongqing Road

Add: No. 13 Shihua Road, Xijie Subdistrict(西街街道石化路13号)

Branch Post Office in Jiefang Road

Add: No. 13 Jiefang Road(解放路13号)

Gaode Branch Post Office

Add: Junction of Henan Road and Gaode Road, Haicheng District, Beihai City(北海市海城区河南路与高德路交叉口)

Tieshangang Post Office

Add: No. 93 East Yinfeng Road(银丰东路93号)

Baisha Brand Post Office

Add: No. 103 Dama Road, Basha Town(白沙镇大马路103号)

Shankou Branch Post Office

Add: No. 5 Zhenbei Avenue, Shankou Town, Hepu County(合浦县山口镇镇北大道5号)

Hepu Zhakou Post Office

Add: Southwest 20 meters of Huanyu Electric Appliance Shop, Hongda Avenue, Zhakou Town(闸口镇宏达大道环宇电器西南20米)

3. Banks

People's Bank of China(Beihai Downtown Sub-branch)

Add: No. 93 South Sichuan Road(四川南路93号)

Agricultural Bank of China(Sub-branch in Shanghai Road)

Add: No. 1 of Floor 1, Building 4 of Xingsheng Garden Commercial and Residential Building, the Junction of Beihai Avenue and Shanghai Road(北海大道和上海路交汇处兴盛花园商住楼4栋1层1号)

China Construction Bank(Sub-branch in Beihai Industrial Park)

Add: Industrial Park, the Opposite of Powan, No. 26 Dongyan Line(东延线26号同和泊湾对面工业园区)

Bank of Communications(Sub-branch in Beijing Road, Beihai)

Add: No. 101-103 Shop, Yiqinyuan, No. 92 Beijing Road(北京路92号怡沁园101-103号商铺)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(Sub-branch in Huhai Road, Beihai City)

Add: No. 429 Huhai Road, Zhongjie Subdistrict(中街街道湖海路429号)

Bank of Communications(Business Department of Beihai Branch)

Add: No. 25 Yunnan Road, Haicheng District, Beihai City(北海市海城区云南路25号)

Bank of China(Sub-branch in South Beijing Road, Beihai City)

Add: Shop of the First Floor, No. 23-24 Xinxing Garden, Beijing Road, Beihai City(北海市北京路新兴花园23~24号首层临街铺面)

Bank of China(Sub-branch in South Yunnan Road, Beihai City)

Add: No. 13 of Building 8, Jinghai Haoting, No. 107 Yunnan Road, Beihai City(北海市云南路107号景海豪庭8幢13号)

China Construction Bank(Sub-branch in Gaoxin District, Beihai)

Add: Floor 1 of Fortune Center, No. 888 South Sichuan Road(四川南路888号金海财富中心1层)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(Sub-branch in Beijing Road)

Add: No. 104 of Floor 1, Building C of Dongyuan Mingli Business Center, Beihai Avenue(北海大道东园明丽商务中心C幢1层104号)

Industrial Bank(Beihai Branch)

Add: Nanyang Xindu Building, No. 177 Beihai Avenue, Haicheng District, Beihai City(北海市海城区北海大道177号南洋新都大厦)

4. Hospitals

Beihai People's Hospital

Add: No. 83 Heping Road, Beihai City, Guangxi(广西北海市和平路83号)

Hepu People's Hospital

Add: No. 95 North Dinghai Road, Lianzhou Town, Hepu County(合浦县廉州镇定海北路95号)

Affiliated Beihai Hospital of Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Add: No. 1 Xinjian Road, Haicheng District, Beihai City(北海市海城区新建路1号)

Beihai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Add: No. 1 Guangchang Dongli(广场东里1)

Hepu Red Cross Hospital

Add: No. 28 Middle Dinghai Road, Lianzhou Town, Hepu County(合浦县廉州镇定海中路28号)

Yintan Center Health Center in Yinhai District, Beihai

Add: Back of Yintan Town Government, Yinxin Zhonger Road(银新中二路银滩镇政府后面)

Beihai Xianjue Xinyi Bonesetting Hospital

Add: No. 7 of Alley 14, East Changqing Road, Beihai City(北海市长青东路西14巷7号)

Beihai No. 2 People's Hospital

Add: No. 175 Wenming Road, Haicheng District, Beihai City(北海市海城区文明路175号)

Dijiao Health Center

Add: No. 813 Dijiao Shangliao, Haicheng District, Beihai City(北海市海城区地角上寮813号)

Beihai Maria Women's Hospital

Add: Fenhong Building, No. 17 West Beibuwan Road, Beihai City(北海市北部湾西路17号粉红大楼)

Hepu Modern Hospital

Add: No. 31 Middle Huanzhu Road, Lianzhou Town(廉州镇还珠中路31号)

5. Best Time to Visit

If you plan to travel to Beihai, taking a holiday on the seaside is the best choice. The best time to visit Beihai City is from April to November and the sunlight is sufficient during the period. 

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6. Things to Do

Beihai, a prefecture-level city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located at the southern end of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and on the northeastern coast of Beilu Gulf. Beihai, known as one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in China, boasts the vast sea, long beach, islands, lakes, forest and hills, which make it become the important tourism city in China.  There are many beautiful attractions hidden around Beihai City, such as the beautiful Beibu Gulf Square, magnificent Xingdao Lake and Silver(Yintan) Beach, grand Underwater WorldWeizhou Island as well as scattered parks and gardens. When you come here, you will be enchanted by the beautiful sceneries and want to stay here for longer time.

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7. How to Get to Beihai

Beihai is one of the 14 coastal open cities in the country and one of the most beautiful coastal cities in China. It is also the city with a deep-water port, an all-weather airport, high-speed rail and expressway in southwestern China. It is also the most convenient sea gate between southwestern China and ASEAN. Beihai is located at the junction of the South China Economic Circle, the Southwest Economic Circle, and the ASEAN Economic Circle, and is at the center of the Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation Zone. The Yongbei Line High-speed Railway and the North-South Expressway connect the Beihai with important cities such as NanningKunmingGuangzhouChengduChongqingGuiyang and Changsha, forming a convenient gateway to the sea.