Weihai Rongcheng Shidao Golf Club

Shidao Tourism and Leisure Resort (石岛旅游休闲度假村) is located at the southern foot of Chaoyang mountain(朝阳山) in the Shidao management area(石岛管理区). It is an area close to mountain and the sea, with beautiful scenery! It is a comprehensive resort integrating a number of leisure service facilities such as five-star halls, golf course hotels, hot springs and villas. It’s at the easternmost tip of mainland China, more than an hour’s flight from Beijing, Shanghai and South Korea.
The golf course is designed by South Korea’s top golf design company, GMI, with an artfully designed topography and layout. There are two challenging courses, STONE BAY(石岛湾) and ARIRANG(阿里郎), with a total of 36 holes and par 144. The STONE BAY course is designed with a soft, feminine look, with gentle fairways and exquisitely maintained greens surrounded by clear water. Arirang, on the other hand, boasts of fairways that rise and falls between hills and steep slopes. While the seemingly flat green is a
mystery that inspires a player’s desire to conquer it heroically. So whether you’re a rookie or a veteran golfer, you’ll have the perfect golf experience at this resort.

Chinese Name:威海荣成石岛高尔夫俱乐部 (36洞)
Chinese Address:山东威海荣成市石岛开发区西南海村