Weihai Rongcheng Lizhi Golf Club

Rongcheng Lizhi Golf Club (荣成利智高尔夫球场) is located in the Yatou Economic Development Suburb of Rongcheng City(荣成市崖头经济开发区) in Shandong province(山东). The course, with the pleasant scenery, is situated in the mountains and by the sea. The 1500-mu course has 18 holes and 72 pars(标准杆), and the length of its fairway is 7207 yards. When viewed from above, the course is like an oasis embedded in the sea.

The club is a twenty-minute drive from Weihai Airport(威海机场), a one-hour drive from the CBD of Rongcheng (荣成市区), a one and a half-hour drive from Yantai Airport(烟台机场), and a two and a half-hour drive from Qingdao Airport(青岛机场). The clubhouse covers 5000 square meters, and it contains facilities such as Chinese restaurants, Korean restaurants, VIP banquet halls, cafés, healthy recreation centers, tennis courts and hotels. Constructed in 2007, this course is a half-mountain course with 18 holes and bluegrass fairways.

The type of the course is Links(林克斯球场). Rongcheng City(荣成市)is located right on China’s North-South Dividing Line(中国南北平分线). With the forests and seas, the local climate is neither hot in summer nor cold in winter. As the tourism resources of Rongcheng(荣成市) are rich, you may choose to visit Chishan Fahua Temple(赤山法华院)(a place that has witnessed the friendship between China, Japan and Korea), Mount Chashan (槎山), (a holy mountain of Taoism) or other spots.

Chinese Name:威海荣成利智高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:山东省荣成市经济开发区
Translated by Duan Xuewen/段雪雯