Top Souvenirs to Bring Home from Xian

Top Souvenirs to Buy in Xi’an

Terracotta Warriors Replicas

As an ancient capital, the first souvenir to buy is surely the terracotta warrior replicas. This scaled-down model of terracotta warriors and horses is very popular among tourists. It is a good choice for collecting souvenirs or giving as gifts to relatives and friends, with unique Xi ‘an character. According to different ranks and armed services, the uniform, cap, facial features, beard, hair and buckle also vary. You can also find them with different appearances, such as handsome, ugly, fat, slim, young and old.

Where to buy : You can find them in Muslim Quarter, surrounding areas of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda,  Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum and major shopping malls or department stores.

Calligraphy Rubbings

The Forest of Stone Steles Museum in Xi ‘an has a collection of more than 2400 steles from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. It is a gathering place for steles of renamed steles. Stele rubbings have become a favorite of tourists and collectors. Tourists travel to Xi ‘an, usually choose one or two as souvenirs for relatives or friends, or hang them in the hall for appreciation.

Where to buy: Books of rubbings from some of the most famous Chinese calligraphers can be purchased in the Painting and Calligraphy Street near the Forest of Stone Steles Museum.


Paper-cut in northern Shaanxi is a precious cultural heritage of the Han nationality in China, and it is a wonderful work of Han folk art with the most cultural characteristics of frontier fortress. Nowadays, paper-cut is used as decorations, pasted on glass or hung at home to add festive atmosphere.

Where to buy: Tourists can buy the paper-cut in handicraft shops or Muslim Quarter.

Shadow Puppetry

Shadow puppets are the figures of Shadow Play. They are silhouette figures made of animal skins or cardboard. It can be hung at home as an ornament.

Where to buy: Shadow puppets are sold in tourist shops and popular tourist spots such as Muslim QuarterAncient City Wall, and Giant Wild Goose Pagoda.

Dry-cured Beef

Dry-cured beef is a famous Xi’an delicacy made of fine materials and complete ingredients through exquisite workmanship and proper fire performance. The marinated meat is ruddy in color, crisp and rotten in texture, mellow and delicious.

Where to buy:  The Muslim Quarter is the best place to find the dry-cured beef, while the top five restaurants selling dry-cured beef are Tiezhijian (铁志坚腊牛羊肉店), Liujixiao (刘纪孝腊牛羊肉店) and Sunqinghai (孙庆海特制腊牛羊肉).However, please be note that the quality guarantee period of the vacuum-packed dry-cured beef is relatively short, about 2-3 days at room temperature.

Dried Persimmon &  Persimmon Cake

Xi ‘an is abound in persimmons. People usually make the dried persimmons when they turn ripe. The dried persimmons can be stored for a longer time with better taste. Deep-fried persimmon pastry (黄桂柿子饼), also known as crystal persimmon cake is popular among locals and tourists. They have the tastes of walnut, sesame, peanut, rose, bean paste, jujube paste, etc. It can also be taken away as souvenir, in vacuum package for convenient carrying.

Where to buy: Generally, the dried persimmon and persimmon cakes are available at local specialty stores and large supermarket as well as the Muslim Quarter, still we have highly recommended ones which are Yiguzhai (伊古斋黄桂柿子饼), Tiezhijian (铁志坚黄桂柿子饼) and Laoxujia (老徐家柿子饼元宵).

Tang Tri-color Porcelain Replicas

Peasant Painting

Chili Oil

Xifeng Liquor

must-buy specialties: