Top Commercial Centers in Xian

Commercial centers in Xi ‘an are concentrated in the main commercial districts such as Bell & Drum Tower Commercial Centre (钟鼓楼商业区), Giant Wild Pagoda and its surrounding area (大雁塔商业区), Qujiang Commercial Center (曲江商业中心), Jiefang Road (解放路), Xiaozhai (小寨), Tumen(土门) and Kangfu Road (康复路).  Bell & Drum Tower Commercial Centre is the most popular shopping area in Xi’an, with traditional style atmosphere. Xiaozhai and Tumen are attractive to young people with its trendy fashions. Giant Wild Pagoda and its surrounding area is a great place to buy local artworks.  While, Kangfu Road commercial area is great destination for wholesale shopping; you can bargain there for the goods you desire at surprisingly low prices.

Bell & Drum Tower Commercial Centre: Most Popular among Locals & Tourists

Bell Tower Commercial Centre is located in the city center and can be called diamond business circle. With the bell tower as the center, it includes four main shopping streets namely the East Street, West Street, South Street and North Street. The main shopping highlights are clothing, electrical appliances and finance. Also, the Muslim Quarter and Shuyuanmen near the Bell and Drum Commercial Center are great places to eat delicious local snacks or buy souvenirs, making this shopping aerea the most popular one among local people and tourists.

Address: No.38, West Street8 (西大街38号) 
Transportation: Take No.4, No.36 buses, get off at Bell Tower (north) stop, or Line 2 subway, get off at Bell Tower stop
Recommended Shopping Malls: Kai Yuan Shopping Mall (开元商场), Century Ginwa Shopping Mall (世纪金花), Parkson Shopping Center (百盛), Central Plaza (中环银泰) and Xingzhengyuan Plaza (兴正元广场)

Xiao Zhai Commercial Center: Popular among Young People

Xiaozhai Commercial Center is known as Xi ‘an’s “chic landmark” and the “Sanlitun” of the ancient city of Xi ‘an. It was once the “sub-CBD” of Xi ‘an after the Bell Tower Commercial Center. It is the most important full-featured shopping district in the southern suburbs, Featuring youth, fashion and personalized styles. There are a number of shopping malls and department stores integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment, dining and other functions in Xiao Zhai, such as Saga, Parkson and Jinsha, etc Local young people, especially students are the main consumers in this area.

Address: Intersection of Xiaozhai West Road and Chang’an Middle Road, Yanta District (雁塔区小寨西路与长安中路交汇处) 
Transportation: There are many buses reaching there, you can take buses No. 5,12,14,19,24,26,30,34,36,215,229,239,323,400 or  Line 2 subway, get off at Xiaozhai stop.
Recommended Shopping Malls: Saga, Harbour City (海港城) and Feixuan Shopping Center (飞炫购物中心)

Qujiang Commercial Center: The largest new thriving cultural business center

Qujiang Commercial Center is a national cultural industrial park. Relying on the advantages of “cultural relics, culture tourism”, it focuses on tourism, leisure, consumption and shopping, with Tang culture as the background and Tang elements as the main line. Leisure and entertainment also include Xi ‘an Fine Arts Hall, Concert Hall, Grand Theater, Film Center and other places, forming a distinctive cultural tourism and commercial experience area. Qujiang combines multiple elements of history and modern times. Visiting here is like being in the charming scenery of the city and dreaming back to Datang. It’s a large-scale comprehensive commercial area with Tang style as its theme, including historical culture and folk culture.

Address: Yannan Road, Yanta District (雁塔区雁塔南路) 
Transportation: There are many buses reaching there, you can take buses No. 23,24,237,500,,609,619,715 or  Line 4 subway, get off at South Square of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda stop.
Recommended Shopping Malls: Xinlehui (新乐汇), Wal-Mart