Defu Lane (Defu Bar Street) in Xian

Why Visit Defu Lane?

  1. As the saying goes, “there is a Sanlitun in Beijing, there is a Defu Lane in Xi’an“. The mixture of ancient Chinese-style buildings and elegant European-style buildings create a romance in the small lane of the ancient capital.
  2.  As long as you mentioned Defu Lane, people will reflect immediately that it is a street of Cafe, Tea House and Bar. It is the center of Xi’an’s nightlife, where you can relax yourself with locals and other travelers from all parts of the globe.
  3. Bright lights, pubs, cafes, charming young ladies…the old impassioned lane possesses great attractions. To seek love, to make new friends, to relax themselves…People flood in the Defu Lane when nights fall on.

Breif Introduction of The Defu Lane

Located in the northern side, Xiangzimiao, South City Gate, Xi’an, Defu Lane has existed in Sui and Tang Dynasty as part of Imperial City. At that time the street was narrow and dark surrounded by plenty of old houses. It was named “Black Tiger Xiang” for its dark and danger. In August, 1993, the government began to take full-scale removal. After 3 years’ construction, Defu Lane turns on a new appearance. It is located in the south of the Bell Tower and Drum Tower, with 100 meters west of Nandajie. The whole lanet stands archaized architectures and permeates the light aroma of tea. More than 40 Bars, Tea houses and Cafes densely covered here. Each has a distinct style including the Chinese style, the American style or whatever can be found here, and an intriguing name such as Roman Holiday, Blue Heart, Captain, Old Tree, etc. As the curtain of night befallen, the nightlife here just begins. Locals, tourists of other places in the country as well as the foreigners all look for own corners to enjoy the classical music, pop, music, rock music, and their beer and coffee.

The tourism-oriented Defu Lane is classically elegance. The majestic three-way stone archway, the imitated old houses and the pavement made of large bluestone pieces, are the great ingredients for a beautiful scene of the street. Bars, teahouses and coffee shops in the 200-meter-length street cater the need of upper and middle classes customers in Xian today, and the names of these establishments indicate the westernization of local lifestyle.

History of Defu Lane

Defu Lane has been existed since the Qing Dynasty. At that time the street was full of old houses. Because the lane was very narrow and looked so dark, the local had always been calling it Black Tiger Lane. It was said that they felt that the street looked like a torpid black tiger and people who were believed in traditional Chinese geomancy thought that the place was good. Defu Lane has been a name used since 1949.

In August 1993, a mass demolition and then a reconstruction project began. It was completed in March 1995. The new Defu Lane has become a cultural tourism street in Xian.

Bar and Coffee Shops of Defu Lane

Defu Lane is quiet during the day; but when the night falls, this lane becomes busy and boisterous. White collars often choose to come here to relax, drinking wine in pubs or drinking tea in the tea house. Therefore, you can hear the music filled with the lane, which can be classical music, pop music, and rock music. If you like music and dance, you can choose Defu Lane to enjoy yourselves at night.

The coffee in the lane is well known, which attracts many people to here, especially in the morning. Many people would like to come to coffee house in the morning, when you can see the process of making coffee. Seeing this process, your mood will become relaxed. In addition, you can taste the coffee, listening to soft music. What a wonderful day!

Catalog of some Bars

  • Austin West-style Food Bar
    Add: No.1, Fukangfu, No.2 Fen Lane, Nandajie
    Tel: 87275658
  • Ronghao Casual Bar
    Add: No.120, Xianzimiaojie, Xi’an City
    Tel: 87261618
  • Juzheng Cafe
    Add: No.5, Defu Lane, Xi’an City
    Tel: 87216038
  • Fengye Cafe
    Add: No.26, Defu Lane, Xi’an Ciyt
    Tel: 87211351
  • Defu Cafe
    Add: No.12, Defu Lane, Nandajie, Xi’an City
    Tel: 87283630
  • Fubaoge Tea-house
    Specialities: Fubaoge is a first-class tea-house in Defu Lane. It is a five-story classical Chinese building. The inside is decorated with simple but distinctive traditional Chinese style. It is a place not only for tea and chat, but also for entertainment and is famous for the performance of cross talk (a comedy act involving two people)
    Location: No. 66, Defu Lane (near Fenxiang Lane)  Average cost per person: CNY 50

How to get to Defu Lane

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Independent Traveler

  • By Bus:
    1. Take bus No. 184, 501, 706 or 707 and get off at Fenxiang Station. Then walk towards west for around 2 minutes.
    2. Take bus No. 11, 12, 46, 221, 600 or 603 and get off at Nanmen Li Station. Then walk towards west for around 3 minutes.
  • By Metro:
    Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Yongningmen (Yongning Gate) Station. Get out from Exit A2. Walk towards north for around 7 minutes.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Best Time to Visit: All year round. As summer is hot in Xian, visiting in morning and after sunset is better choice.
  2. After having a good rest in Defu Lane, you can visit the ancient City Wall of Xi’an from the South Gate. The Ancient Cultural Street of Shuyuanmen on the east inside the South Gate is recommended if you are interested in traditional Chinese artworks and souvenirs. The Bell Tower and Drum Tower in the center of the city are also within walking distance of about 600 meters (656 yards).
  3. Old Henry”s
    Specialities: This is not a large establishment but is very popular in Defu Lane. The great joy in this bar is the wonderful band performances.
    Average cost per person: CNY 85
  4. Times
    Specialities: A very quiet bar, ideal for relaxing and chatting. The coffee and Chinese teas are all good.
    Opening Hours: From 8:00 am to 4:00 am of the next dawn
    Average cost per person: CNY 35

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Edited by Bella Ren/任新月