Tongdao Wanfo Mountain in Huaihua

Tongdao Wanfo Mountain

Located in Tongdao, Hunan and about 120 kilometers from the Longji Rice Terraces, the Wanfo Mountain Scenic Area offers five attractions: Wanfo Mountain, Shenxian cave, Qixing Mountain, Jiangjun Mountain, and Ziyun Mountain.

Introduction of Tongdao Wanfo Mountain

Wanfo Mountain is a rare scenic spot with beautiful scenery and complete tourist facilities. The cliff is grey-brown when the temperature is low and red when the temperature is high. The scenic spot is formed from the seafloor during the crustal movement and has many characteristics of the seafloor. There is a glass trestle on the top of the mountain, and there is no fear of heights to experience stimulation. South China Sea Goddess Turtle Peak, Wishing Tree, Ten Thousand Buddhas Golden Peak, Ten Thousand Buddhas Chaozhong, Thirty-six Bays.

Best Time to Visit Tongdao Wanfo Mountain

The best time to visit Tongdao Wanfo Mountain is from April to October as it is not too hot or too cold during this period of time. Because it opens at 8 am and closes at 18 pm, it’s not possible to enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the area.

Travel Guide Accommodation in Huaihua

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How to Get There

  • Rent a car from Huaihua or Longji Rice Terraces. This is the direct and quickest option, but a little expensive.
  • Take a flight to Huaihua Zhijiang Airport. then take a train to Tongdao County from Huaihua.
  • Take a bus at Huaihua South Bus Station or Sanjiang Hedong Bus Station.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Opening hours for the nine attractions: 7 am- 18 pm(April 1- November 15); 7.30 am – 17.30pm (November 16- March 31)
  • As of 19th June 2019, visitors can visit Fenghuang Old City for free.
  • 148 RMB for an adult for the daytime, 158 RMB for an adult for the evening. For more details information about ticket prices, please contact us.

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