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Huaihua(怀化市) is a is a prefecture-level city in the southwest of Hunan province, China. it covers 27,564 square kilometers) and is bordered by Xiangxi to the northwest; ZhangjiajieChangde to the north; Yiyang, Loudi and Shaoyang to the east; Guilin and Liuzhou of  Guangxi to the south;Qiandongnan, Tongren of Guizhou to the southwest. Huaihua is a prefecture-level city in Hunan with a long history. The beautiful scenery attracts many people to visit Huaihua, so what special products are in Huaihua? China Dragon Tours will tell you the main local products in Yueyang as follows: 

What to Buy in Huaihua

Hongjiang Bamboo Weaving (洪江竹编)

Bamboo weaving in Hongjiang City has a long history. Among the traditional products of bamboo weaving in Hongjiang City, the flower baskets made in Tuokou Town and Qiancheng Town are of unique style with attractive appearance and exquisite workmanship. Since 1970s, they have been exported to 18 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong. They were honored as the "Trustworthy Product" by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of China in November, 1978.

Yuanling Tea(沅陵茶叶)

Yuanling is abundant of tea. Among the main brands are the "Beirong Jietan", "Guanzhuang Jieting" and "Guanzhuang Ganfa". The "Guanzhuang Ganfa" series has won the honorary title of "Famous Chinese Tea". It sells well in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Anjiang Sweet Pomelo(安江香柚)

Anjiang Sweet Pomelo is a characteristic product in Hongjiang, Huaihua of Hunan Province. It has a very long history. According to relevant records, Anjiang has been planting the sweet pomelo in the Qin and Han Dynasties. It has been more than 2,000 years old. Anjiang has a very superior geographical environment with four distinct seasons, abundant sunshine, abundant precipitation, fertile soil, which is suitable for the planting of sweet pomelo. The sweet pomelo is beautiful in appearance, rich in flesh, slag less juice, sweet and refreshing.

Yuanling Crunchy Candy(沅陵酥糖)

Yuanling crunchy candy is a special pastry of Yuanling, Huaihua in Hunan Province. It has a very long history. It originated in the mid-Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 500 years. The production method of Yuanling crunchy candy is very elegant. It uses high-quality sesame, sucrose and peanut oil as the main raw materials. It is made through traditional production methods. The Yuanling crunchy candy produced is crispy and sweet, but not greasy. There is also the function of moistening the lungs and helping digestion.

Qianyang Sweet Orange(黔阳冰糖橙)

As one of the national production bases for high quality citrus, Hongjiang is not only the origin of sweet orange (citrus sinensis), but also the best planting area for it as well as navel oranges. With lush vegetation and fresh air, this area has the name of “Mystical oasis in the world” and “Magical land without contamination” as the WHO remarks. Local features, especially the soil, best contribute to the high quality of the sweet oranges. Qianyang sweet orange enjoys a good fame among citrus for its crispy and sweet taste like rock candy. The orange pulp and plentiful juice is encased in thin rind, containing rich carbohydrates, citric acid and vitamins. As a renowned fruit species, Qianyang sweet orange has been granted awards and certificates of quality agricultural products at provincial, ministerial and national level. Moreover, it has been listed in “Yearbook of Native Products in China 2000-2001”, “Bibliography of Quality Agricultural Products of Hunan Province”, etc.

Jingzhou Waxberry(靖州杨梅)

Jingzhou waxberry is a special product of Jingzhou, Huaihua in Hunan Province. It has a very long history. According to relevant literature, Jingzhou has a history of more than a thousand years for planting the waxberry. Jingzhou has a very superior geographical environment with fertile soil, mild climate and abundant precipitation. It is very suitable for the growth of waxberry. The appearance of waxberry is beautiful, sweet and sour, meaty and juicy, and rich in vitamins.

Jinqiu Pear(金秋梨)

Jinqiu Pear is one of the characteristic fruits of Huaihua in Hunan Province. The cultivation history of Jinqiu Pear is not very long and was discovered in the late 1980s. Huaihua has a superior environment with fertile soil, abundant sunshine and abundant precipitation. It is very suitable for the growth of Jinqiu Pear. The Jinqiu pear that are planted are beautiful in appearance, crystal clear and translucent, and taste juicy and sweet, crisp and delicious. What's more, it enjoys the reputation of the Pear King in south China.

Where to Buy in Huaihua

The recommended places to buy local products:

  • Yitehui Local Products Shop(益特汇特产店)
    Add: Northwest 50 meters of the Junction of Yuxi Road and Huaxi Road(玉溪路与花溪路交叉口西北50米)
    Tel: (0745)2310733,(0745)2397666
  • Wuyuan Local Products Exclusive Shop(舞沅土特产专卖店)
    Add: No. 101 Xinxiuyuan, Baimi Avenue(百米大道新秀园101号)
    Tel: (0745)7733588
  • Xiangxin Local Products Shop(湘鑫特产店)
    Add: No. 22 Xinyuanli Community, Hecheng District, Huaihua(怀化市鹤城区新源里小区22号)
    Tel: 18075570002
  • RT-Mart(South Renmin Road)(大润发(人民南路店))
    Add: The Junction of South Renmin Road and East Renmin Road, Hecheng District, Huaihua(怀化市鹤城区人民南路与人民东路交汇处)
    Tel: (0745)2375666
  • Tongcheng Department Store(Railway Station)(通程百货(火车站店))
    Add: No. 28 Yingfeng Road, Hecheng District, Huaihua(怀化市鹤城区迎丰路28号)
    Tel: (0745)2489999
  • Jiahui Shopping Mall(佳惠购物中心)
    Add: No. 142 South Renmin Road, Hecheng District, Huaihua, Hunan(湖南省怀化市鹤城区人民南路142号)
    Tel: (0745)2263580
  • Huaihua Local Products Shop(怀化土特产)
    Add: No. 136 East Renmin Road(人民东路136号)
  • Yuanlin Local Products Sole Distributor(沅陵特产总经销)
    Add: No. 52 East Jianshe Street(建设东街52号)
    Tel: 13467949711

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